VHP Rathyatra for social harmony in Chennai

Rathyatra for social harmony organized by VHP Uttar Tamilnadu begun at Shri Parthasarathy temple and to end at Sriperambadur, the birth place of Ramanuja on 2nd April. The programme began by singing of Bhajans, and the dais had the august presence of the most dignified people from the society. Sri U.Ve.Sudharsanacharya Swamigal, Minjur, Sri Venkateswaran Ji, VHP, kerala and TN, Sri Balachandran Ji, ex-DGP, Sri. C. Rajendran Ji, Ex IAS officer, Sri Dhamu Ji, actor, Sri R.B.V.S. Manian Ji, VHP, Sri. S.Vasudevan ji, VHP President TN, Sri P.M. Nagarajan Ji, VHP Organization Secretary and Sri. Raj Kumar Khemka ji and Sri Subbiah ji, RSS and HM hospital Srinivasan ji. Inaugural Prayer song on Ramanuja was sung by Selvi Swetha. 

Sri. U.Ve.Sudharsanacharya Swamigal, in his speech, “Sri Parthasarathy temple has got the most relevance in the birth of Acharyan Sri Ramanujar, when his parents Sri. Kesava Somayaji and Smt. Gandhimathi came to this temple to pray to perumal to grant them a child it’s believed that perumal himself had told them that he would be born to them. In Ramayana, Lakshmana is supposed to be the avatar of Adi seshan the snake bed of Lord Mahavishnu, whereas Ramanujar is believed to be the avatar of Adi seshan. Acharyans Krupa can be known from the many tell tales from the lives of Acharyan Ramanujar, chanting of 108 andhadhi of Ramanujar is supposed to have healing effects by his grace. He promoted the prapathi concept, not to see differences in one’s birth, caste and community, god is one for all and entry into temples was first implemented by Acharyan Ramanujar. He propagated Hindu philosophy and culture. We should not see differences between shaivites and vaishnavites as these have come only by manas, thoughts and actions only, when there can be only one moon and sun why should there be so many castes? To those who surrender sans ego they will get moksha which is the only things that cannot be bought with money”. 
R.B.V.S. Manian ji, in his speech strongly condemned the actions in some 5 temples where entry was prohibited to the most backward community of those regions. He asked the gathering how can one accept Ram, Krishna, Ramanujar and Adi sankar, but not their teachings and till the time the society is going to treat the under privileged like this the purpose of messages of Ramanujar is not well received to reiterated. The term Hari Jan means child of hari and symbolises universal brotherhood. Acharyan Ramanujar gave new life to tamizh language by creating various granthas and the serving of food to the under privileged by the Vaishnavite community should be done as a matter of practise atleast on the day of the 1000th Year of Sri Ramanujar. He insisted that if the societal harmony has to be achieved as wished by Acharyan Ramanujar, then this society should be a caste free society, teachings of Acharyan Ramanujar has to be followed fully, this society is one, there should be many Ramanuja Kootams in every villages, to take forward the messages of the Acharyan. 

S. Ravi ji in his speech, spoke on the connection to Ramanujar and Parthasarathy Perumal and the ashtakshara mantra ‘OM NAMO NARAYANAYA’ gives us the blessings of this birth as manushya and for the next seven generations and it’s good for all of us. 
Sri. C. Rajendran, said, “The various names of Ramanujar as Ethirajar, sree Bashyakaarar, Thirupaavai jeeyar, Annan swami, known to us itself speaks volumes of his greatness and we are blessed to be celebrating his 1000th birth anniversary. We should be happy that we are born in the same bhoomi as the birth of Acharyan Ramanujar who came in different forms in the epics as Lakshman to Rama, Balaraman to Krishna. Bhakti sans ego, should be the only way to attain moksha or salvation which is the purpose of birth as human beings. 

Sri Dhamu, Actor encouraged the crowd to be very eneregetic, cheerful and chanted OM NAMO NARAYANAYA and insisted on the way of the yatra to drink lots of water to keep them hydrated.
The yatra started with Sri K. Srikkanth, cricketer, flagging off the ratha from Parthasarathy temple premises. 

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