Develop Scheduled Castes to Develop Nation, V Bhagaiah

The development of scheduled castes is synonymous with the development of the nation but the irony is that despite the presence of large number of leaders and organizations from the SC community, the realties on the ground reflect that much more needs to be done than what is being done today said Sh. V. Bhagaiah, RSS Sah-Sarkaryvah today.

The RSS Sah-Sarkaryavah was speaking at a programme organized near the parliament to commemorate the 126th birth anniversary of Bharat-Ratna Dr. B.R. Ambedkar.

Sh. Bhagaiah paid floral tributes at the statue of Dr Ambedkar in Parliament campus. Later addressing a gathering at the Samajik Samrasta Manch stall, near the parliament, the RSS Sah-Sarkravah said, many organizations and leaders have cropped up in the name of SC’s welfare, But the question is are they actually fighting for the rights of the Scheduled Castes. Much more change is required and all of us will have to share responsibility for bringing this change, he added. 

Citing several instances of how the Scheduled Castes are being short changed in the system, the RSS Sah Sarkaryavah said a glaring example is that the post-Matric scholarships of SC students have not beein distributed for year 2016-17. An absence of scholarship can derail studies of many SC students. There are other instances where the state governments have diverted the money allocated for the SC welfare to other projects, said Sh. Bhagaiah.

He emphasized that there is an urgen reuirement to bring institutional change in government schools as the students studying their primarily belong to scheduled castes. Similarly in the government hospitals, members of the SC community comprise significant number of patients but the facilities for their treatment are poor. They need to be improved significantly.

He said, it is not important which party’s government is ruling, the important issue is how a government ensures protection of rights of the Scheduled Castes and implementation of the Constitutional provisions for empowerment of these castes. To ensure this all of us will have to work together, he added.

Sh. Bhagaiah said, "Dr Ambedkar always use to say get educated, organized carry forward your struggle. He always emphasised upon Liberty, Equality and Fraternity. We also need to emphasise on fraternity because it is fraternity which guarantees liberty and equality. "

He further said, Dr Ambedkar was of clear opinion that our country is not only integrated geographically but also culturally. Dr Ambedkar played an important role in protecting the integrity of our country and he led a social movement in a balanced manner.

The RSS Sah-Sarkryavah strongly criticized the presence of untouchability in the society. He said that ancient Indian texts don’t support it and if any text supports it then there is no reason to agree to it.

The RSS Sah-Sarkryavah addressed a number of meetings and participated in several programmes in Delhi to commemorate Dr Ambekar Jayanti. Sh. Bhagaiah looks after activities related to “Samajik Samrasta” .

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