RSS-ABPS 2017 - Special Programs of Hindu awakening

Special Programs of Hindu awakening

Very effective and impressive Hindu Sammelans were organized in Gujarat, Malwa and Madhya Bharat. P P Sarsanghachalak Ji was present in all of them. In the Devgiri Prant, a Mahila Gram Vikas Sangam was organized which was attended by All India Gram Vikas Pramukh Dr. Dinesh Ji.

1. Mahila Gram Vikas Sangam: With a view to increasing partnership of women in village development, a ‘Mahila Gram Vikas Sangam’ was organized in which 641 ladies and 170 gents from 95 villages participated. The program was attended by Thamatai Pawar of Vanavasi Kalyan Ashram, Dr Urmilatai Kshirsagar of ‘Nirmaya’, Nagpur, expert in bio-farming Shubhadatai Chandgude, and environment expert Shrimati Pethe. They provided necessary guidance to the participants. Discussions were held on de-addiction, self-help groups etc. Guidance from Akhil Bharatiya Gram Vikas Pramukh Dr. Dinesh ji was available.

2. Grand Hindu Meet, Vasada, Gujrat: To accelerate the work in tribal areas of the state, Hindu Sammelans were organized at 4 places. Virat Hindu Sammelan was organized in Vasada in Valsad district to commemorate the valedictory functions of Bharat Sevashram Sangh centenary celebrations in Navsari Vibhag 70946 men and women from 1145 villages of all the tehsils of the Vibhag attended the congregation. Study group meets at 23 places, Samajik Sadbhav meetings at 4 places and live contacts of 23835 families by 432 sisters from 237 villages and other such activities were conducted as preparatory efforts for this program.

3. Gram Sangam: This event was held at Ujjain in presence P.P.Sarsanghachalakji. Prior to this, five parameters were fixed for the selection of villages to participate in this event. They included bio-farming, cow-rearing, social harmony, cleanliness and de-addiction. Only those villages were allowed entry where work in these five sectors has begun. 609 such villages were selected in which workshops and awareness programs were organized as part of the preparation for the grand event. The Gram Sangam was attended by 1413 workers from 427 villages. Programs and discussions on the selected five parameters were fruitful and impressive leading to a fresh impetus to the village development activities.

4. Virat Hindu Sammelan at Betul (MP): Betul district of Madhya Bharat is a janjati-dominated district facing numerous challenges and problems. To overcome these challenges and to instill self-confidence among the members of the society, a systematic plan was made to organize grand Hindu Sammelan at Betul. Prior to the congregation activities like water conservation, village cleaning, samarasata meetings, health check-up camps, Gau-Pujan, Yuva Sammelan were organized. 70 Karyakartas toured the district and contacted four lakh people in 1468 villages. Village level committees were formed. As a result, over 100,000 people from the district participated in the Virat Hindu Sammelan held on February 8, 2017 at Betul. 31 different social organizations made remarkable contribution to the success of this event.

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