Protest across nation demanding for democractic rights against Kerala Terrorism

A nationwide protest was held at all cities across the country condemning the state-sponsored terrorism and violence unleashed against the RSS swayamsevaks in particular and against all their opponents in general and by the Marxist Communists in Kerala.

Around 4590 people (men, women) from 13 districts of Uttar Tamilnadu participated in the protest demo.
With the repeated killings, atrocities happening in Kerala, against RSS swayam sevaks, BJP party loyalists, women and children has led to this protest meeting which was conducted nation-wide, to strongly condemn the high handedness of the communists, their party included.

In Chennai the protest meeting was conducted at Valluvar Kottam, Nungabakkam where speakers from RSS, BJP, Hindu Munnani, ABVP spoke condemning the inhuman and barbaric acts of the communists in Kerala.

First speaker was Shri. Dhananjayan from BJP, Madhya Chennai, “Communism is first of all not prevalent in India, but got imported here, their ideology basically to make poor, richer and wage earners to capitalists. Communism is Hypnotism, which then, though seemed very popular and prevalent, now, totally did not work in India. Russia itself has become a fragmented country now despite the fact it was founded by their leader Lenin”.

Shri Jayakumar said, “This killing spree of the Communists dates back to 1969, where a RSS swayam sevak Vaadikai Ramakrishnan a tailor, was brutally killed because he strongly opposed communists. Their only goal and belief being that they can kill anyone who opposes them, damage property, attacking women and children, which reveals the past of the Now Chief Minister of Kerala Shri. Pinnarai Vijayan Ji who promulgated such violent activities in pinnarai and surrounding villages in Kerala. These rampant goonda activities of the communists go to show their lack of Desha Bhakthi, Patriotism and want India to be broken into pieces”.

Shri Elangovan from Hindu Munnani said,” We should all rise our voices against killing of Hindus by Communists. When Communism is itself not prevalent, existing in the whole world it is prevailing only in West Bengal, Kerala and Tripura with a common agenda to kill everyone who oppose them. They have no belief in god, but loot the people by collecting money from hundi collections which also has to stop he condemned”.

Shri Karthikeyan from Hindu Munnani Iyakam said, “the shocking revelations, how china was totally intolerant, dominating, towards its people towards land grabbing, where the people were expected to give away their lands when the Government claims. Rights of the women and state of the farmers were disregarded by the Government’.

Shri Gokulakrishna from ABVP, “Ever since the 1962 war between India and China, the Communists violent behaviour has become rampant, they have the attitude of not fighting directly but seek back door methods, for which they should be condemned”.

Shri. Durai Shankar from Seva Bharathi said, “Kerala being Parasurama Kshethram, these killings are happening because of the growing of the RSS there and the peoples ’immense support. He strongly protested the happenings in Sabarimala temple, where entry is given to all age group women, by breaking the age old tradition which is only because of the Communists intervention”.

Shri Prakash Ji, (UTN) Prant Sampark Pramuk said, “Communists always believe in intense hatred whereas RSS always believe in sacred love as told by Shri Gowalkar Ji. RSS is being popular because we show no violence, abundance love only. Shakti of the RSS is spreading like forest fire, it has got excellent network, communication set-up, even the top brass people in RSS can be met directly without any security checks and lastly it’s Youth Shakti. While sensing the pulse of the youths, he said they prefer to be called INDIAN first. Our ancient Country is one, people are one, our roots are strong and not rootless he emphasised. He said that Kashmir cannot be separated from India and we are one Country. Communism and Marxism are virtually on the last lap of their existence, they should be uprooted, acid should be poured on top of the existing roots, so that they don’t grow any further and cement the area on top not leaving any traces of their existence at all, he strongly recommended to eradicate the two evils in our country”.

Dr.Tamizhisai Soundararajan, in her speech, “Hypocrisy of the communism inclined Kerala people can be seen in objecting to foreign direct investments and sending their children abroad for higher education, sugarcane cultivation and building of self-financing colleges. They want to grow at the cost of others destruction. Spreading rumours like RSS, BJP are attacking communists where it is the other way around has become the call of the day. RSS will never take blood, but give blood; she insisted that there should be no more bloodshed. In Kerala she said there are there are many cases pending against the communists and they should be driven away. She said that Modi Ji is very popular in Kerala and very shortly it’s going to be the calling of the saffron colour”.

The protest ended with singing of our National Anthem. 




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  1. Media crooks blacked out this important news!Commie scoundrels must have threatened them against telecasting or publishing this news!

  2. Keral (not Kerala) is a beautiful state that is unfortunately going against Hindus and Hinduism.
    The result will be bad for the state itself. Malabaries have to be controlled or else....God knows what!