Seminar on India at 70—Intergral Humanism as way Forward in Chennai

Commemorating Shri Pandit Deendayal Upadhyaya Birth centenary a seminar was organized by Tamilnadu Thinkers Forum and India Foundation in Chennai. The programme began with a melodious song by Smt Pavithra Srinivasan. 

Emphasizing on Integral Humanism, Shri Bhagwati Prakash Sharma said that both Capitalism and Socialism are detrimental to jeopardise the world at large with the growing of terrorism on the world map and global warng which is extending beyond repair. Society has become an individual Sovereignty where individual life, their freedom has taken toll on the society, in turn in country and the whole world in totality. The concept of give and take policy in families should be extended to society; society to country and to the world at large.

Condemning the westernised way of thinking that slowly got imbibed in our ways of life, Shri H. Raja emphasized on society being the collection of individuals should function together without any conflict. 
Highlighting on how Deendayal Upadhay was always different from the western thinkers like Darwin, Freud, Karl Marx, Shri Aravindan Neelakantan said the family set-up in our country always accepted the less earning capacity with the others in the family. Democracy was not taken from the westerners and this was proved while drafting the Indian Constitution, he said.

Shri S.P. Singh threw light on how introduction of our ancient glory/culture of our country in education was declined by Nehru Ji. “To break the unshakeable religious foundation and study method in vernacular language the Britishers introduced English language as the method of learning , to prove that India has no History, Education and Civilisation later the teach and the taught medium was changed to vernacular language. It was Shri. Atal Bihari Vajpayee who introduced free education to each and every one in 1965. He insisted the need for a katha period for the children to know about the heroes who fought for our independence from their state and country” he said.

Speaking on integral humanism and gender justice, Kumari K S Yashaswini made the audience to spend their thinking on real women empowerment, and appealed for more participative democracy.

Speaking on Integral Humanism and Economics, Shri M R Venkatesh highlighted on how economy and culture are interlinked and concluded his speech saying that, ostentatious spending is frowned upon.

Smt Saraswati Rajamani who served under INA-Netaji Subash Chandra Bose and Shri Su Pa Narayanaswamy, Member, Netaji Balak Sena were felicitated by Shri Mukunda, Shri Ram Madhav and Shri Mithrananda.

Shri C R Mukunda, RSS Akhila Bharatiya Sah Baudhik Pramukh stressed on three points – namely Rashtra, Youth power and Vyakthi Nirman. Rashtra being nation/nationalism, chithi being atma or soul of a nation creates the Nationhood. Concept of Rashtra should be percolated to take Bharat forward. Vast potential youth force should be channelized towards nationalism. Speaking on Vyakthi Nirman, equating Government with Society he concluded that it is always the individual – family – society – country takes Bharat forward.

Lastly the speech was delivered by Shri Ram Madhav Ji, “In 1947, though we had native wisdom and institutions we did not internalise the idea and the west copied them. It’s America who has the cessation rights for Texas and California in their Constitution. Our Nation’s strength has been created in open skies, on the banks of great rivers, its scope being wide. Happiness of the Individual is not in wealth but in attainment of eswara, universal well-being, realising the ultimate, we don’t believe, we reaiise richness. How quoted Rama Rajya is a participatory democracy where every individual participates. Our country needs to go deeper into wisdom than political thoughts. On security of women he said they are all goddesses in disguise for protection sake they should not be restricted and respect woman as a woman. Lastly he insisted that we need unchanging eternal values, ever changing social order values for the betterment of our society”.

With a vote of thanks by Shri Sudharshan, the seminar concluded.

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  1. A beautifully articulated programme that inspired nation building as a core mission in every heart. Jai Hind.

  2. A beautifully articulated programme that inspired nation building as a core mission in every heart. Jai Hind.

  3. Such wonderful programs on 'Topics of the day' ought to be recorded on video/audio tapes and puslished on the net and or social sites like whatsapp/facebook so as to reach a larger audience.