Gau-Sevaks to hold holy confluence at Rameshwaram

A Press Conference was held in Chennai on 5.1.2017 by ‘Gow Sewa Sangamam’ addressed by Shri Sankarlal, Senior RSS Leader and All India Incharge for Gow Sewa work. He described the importance of Gow Seva work and Protection of Desi cows. This event will be commenced at Rameshwaram (being one of the jyothirlingam of South) and will be conducted at all jyothirlinga places for the welfare of our country.

Highlighting about the cross breeds of Jersey, Holstein Friesian, Holstein, F.S with that of Yak, Urus, he criticized that the milk from these breeds are not milk at all and it is not good for health which multiplies diseases. These breeds are not fit for agriculture; maintenance cost is high whereas yielding is low. These breeds can give birth to 6-7 calf only whereas indigenous cow can give birth to 15-23 calves thereby more milk can be yielded. If properly maintained, indigenous cows can give 20-30 litres of milk a day. Desi cows are mobile medicine. Through Panchkavya and other cow products, ‘Disease Free Bharat’, Pollution-Free Bharat, Food For All World, Energy for all India, all villages can be obtained, claims Shri Sankarlal.

Shri Kalyan Singh, Prant Gau-Seva Pramuk and Shri Vinod District Seva Pramuk were present.

Gow Grama Seva Samiti Trust, will be conducting ‘Soma Yajna with 108 Yagna kuntams and cow puja with 108 Desi Cows’ on 4th and 5th of February 2017 at Swami Narayan Samsthan Premises, Rameshwaram. This event is happening under the blessings and under the guidance of Sanyasis, Sadhus and spiritual leaders.

The salient features of the programme includes:

*Soma Yagna
*Cow Puja
*Free Medical Camp for the benefit of villages around Rameshwaram
*Exhibition displaying the importance of Desi Cows, their contribution to the humanity, significance of Desi Cows as against Videshi Cows etc.
*Thiruvasagam Mutrothuthal, Ramayana Parayanam, Lalitha Sahasra Nama Parayanam
*Kuthu Villaku Puja
*Arrangement to sell of many types of cow products
*Audio, Visual Shows on relevant topics related to Desi Cow, Cow Protection etc.
*A souvenir has also been planned.

A Reception Committte has been formed to conduct this programme
President: Justice Shri V Kanakaraj
Vice President: Shri Ravi Sam, Industrialist, Coimbatore
Secretary: Shri T S Vaikuntam, Chartered Accountant, Madurai
Treasurer: Smt Banumathy, Madurai
Co-ordinator: Shri P Devaraju, Trichy.

There are many other eminent persons from all over the state, in the committee. This Programme has the blessings and the guidance of almost all revered swami jis and sanyasis in the state. Pujya Omkarananda, Pujya Maruthachala Adigalar, Pujya Kumarakurupara Swamigal, Swami Chitanyananda of Vellimalai and many others are expected to participate in the programme.

· In the Cow Puja, there will be 23 types of cows
· Ghee for yagna is obtained from the milk of Desi cows from many parts of the state
· Special efforts are being taken to see that people from all Panchayats of Ramanathapuram District participate in the programme
· Around 10000 persons from throughout the state are expected to participate.

About Shri Sankarlal:

Shri Sankarlal is a senior RSS leader and is the All India In-charge for Cow-Seva work. He is a RSS Pracharak since 1964 and has done post-graduation in M.A Politics.

He has travelled all over the country during the Vishwa Mangal Gow Grama Yatra conducted in the year 2009-2010.

He has done extensive research on Desi Cows and organic cultivation. He prescribes, with abundant confidence, that almost all diseases including cancer can be cured by cow based medicines. He declares that Desi Cow is the remedy for many of our present day problems.

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