Sitaram Kedilaya at Kanchipuram

Shri Sitaram Kedilaya in yatra at the holy city Kanchipuram today along with Shri Ajit Prasad Mahapatra, RSS Akhila Bharatha Sah Seva Pramuk, Shri Sundara Lakshmanan, Akhila Bharatha Samyojak (Rashtriya Seva Bharati), Shri Sambamurthy, Pranth Karyavah (Uttar Tamilnadu), Shri Ramarajasekar, Prant Seva Pramuk (UTN), Shri Srinivasan, Sevabharati (UTN). Beginning the day with the darshan of Kamakshi Amman and Varadaraja Perumal, he visited Shri Ramanujachrya's house (where he lived for some time) and the place of Maha Periyava. 
He was welcomed by Mutt authorities in Kanchi Mutt. 
Later in different programes organized, he interacted with 20 college students, 30 families and addressed the gathering of 100 elites.  A book "நமது கிராமம் முன்னேற" was released.  First copy was released by Shri Sitaram Ji and it was received by Dr. Saravanan (Ortho); copy from Shri Ajit Mahapatra was received by Shri Ezhil.  He also addressed the press at Kanchipuram where in he emphasized the upliftment of villages is the real seva to the country.

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