RSS Condolence Message on the demise of eminent journalist Cho Ramaswamy

Condolence message on the demise of eminent journalist Cho Ramaswamy

With the demise of Cho Ramaswamy, the nation has lost a fearless public intellectual, a fiery journalist, a dramatist and satirist, moreover a great nationalist who always stood by the national cause. His death is an irreparable loss. With significant contribution to art, he marked his public life as an intellectual warrior who untiringly fought for democratic principles and nationalistic views throughout his life, especially during Emergency. He has always dared to speak out his opinions emphatically and fearlessly, be it in the form of unconditional support or sheer criticism. Now it also requires pertinent to remember the warm and very deep relationship he cherished with Balasaheb Deoras Ji, the third Sarsanghachalak of RSS.

Because of his legacy, Cho will be remembered for long.

Dr. Manmohan Vaidya

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  1. He was an outstanding journalist with full commitment to the core with nationalism.It was he who clearly wrote in his magazine about Sangh which was not understood or misunderstood by the people of Tamilnadu.This helped us a great deal in our growth in Tamilnadu.Recently he blasted the Tamilnadu administration for refusing permission to PADASANCHALAN.May alomighty bless his Atma Sadgathi.