RSS Condolence Message on the demise of Chief Minister of Tamilnadu

Condolence message on the demise of Chief Minister of Tamilnadu

With the sad and untimely demise of Selvi J Jayalalitha, the Chief Minister of Tamilnadu, the Nation at large and Tamilnadu in particular, has lost a popular, pro-poor , nationalist leader. A fearless woman with an indomitable spirit, J Jayalalitha had ruled over the hearts of common people of Tamilnadu, who fondly addressed her as ‘Amma’. RSS joins the Nation in expressing deep condolences and prays to the Almighty to let eternal peace on the departed soul.

Dr.Manmohan Vaidya

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  1. My heart felt condolences for this departed soul.I pray almighty to bless her atma sadgathi eventhough j differd with several of her views and actions.It was CHO who first introduced her as a writer in 1980 in THUGHLAK.It was he who counselled her to enter in politics.This I knex personally.She performed well in both the fields.
    Sri.Jagannatha Rao Joshi told me in 1988 that the demise of MGR brought a political vacuum in Tamilnadu.When I asked him "can't it be filled by BJP?" he replied"It will take a long long time Sankararaman".It was filled later by Jayalalitha.Now,it is time for BJP to fill the vacuum due to her demise.The environment is also ripe.