RSS Chennai Unit Nagar Karyavah attacked

Four unidentified people kept following Shri Narahari, RSS Thiruvallikeni Nagar Karyavah in two vehicles from his residence. Narahari was going to his Office at Thiruvotriyur. In an uninhabited place near Tondairpet, he was attacked by a rod. Sharply reacting to it, Narahari tried to save himself from the miscreants, but was fractured and injured severely. While he was running to save his life, local police who are on patrolling came to rescue and admitted him in hospital. Miscreants ran away immediately. An FIR under section 307 was filed in the local police station.

It is to be remembered that some time back, Shri Rajkumar, Bhag Karyavah was similarly attacked in Thiruvallikeni.

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