Hindu Munnani strongly condemns Christudoss Gandhi's remarks on Lord Ram

Thanthi TV, a regional based television had a debate on 18th October with a title ‘Is Modi’s slogan on Lord Ram a Human Right? Or Religious Politics?
(மோடியின் ராமர் கோஷம்: மனித உரிமையா? மத அரசியலா?). In the heated debate, Christudoss Gandhi, Retd IAS, who participated in the show, gave a comment stating that he has the right to hit Lord Ram with Chappals. That is Secularism. (நான் ராமரை செருப்பால் அடித்தால் அதை எப்படி தப்புன்னு சொல்வீர்கள்? எனக்கு உரிமை இருக்கிறது. எனக்கு உரிமை இருக்கிறது.)

Hindu Munnani strongly condemned this, stating that the words uttered by Christudoss Gandhi leads to communal harmony, hurting the religious sentiments, and against the Constitution. Hindu Munnani Office bearers filed complaint at all district police administration Office in Tamilnadu for proper action.

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