Protest siege demo on RSS State Headquarters, Chennai

Protest siege demonstration on RSS State Headquarters office at Chetput, Chennai was organized by anti-social elements demanding the right on Cauvery water today at 11.00 am. More than 20 organizations participated in the protest demo and hundreds of volunteers were arrested.

(Visuals courtesy: Thanthi TV)

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  1. Periyar(EVRamasamy Naicker) belonged to Karnataka, and called Tamil as "kaattumirandi"language, and these fools are glorifying him and are saying that TN is "Periyar land" HaHaHa!!!

  2. If Tamils are not Hindus, who are they?These asuras are also asses!I think these scoundrels are being funded by anti-national forces such as Marxists, Islamists and Crosstians! The people of TN must identify and isolate these crooks!

  3. MOST Dravidian movement are funded by Christian NGO. There aim is to remove Hinduism from Tamilian and TN and then replace it with Christianity. One thing is for sure tamilan and Hinduism can never be separated.