Rashtra Sevika Samiti rejects irresponsible, misleading article in Outlook magazine

Congress spokesperson, Priyanka Chaturvedi and Shobha Ojha, came out with a public statement on an article castigating ”Rashtrita Sewika Samiti” to be involved in female child trafficking. We out rightly reject it and term is as irresponsible and dishonest statement. This article by Outlook magazine is misleading, devoid of facts and deceitful. All the activities in the hostels run by ”Rashtrita Sewika Samiti” are well within the four corners of law. Hence ”Rashtrita Sewika Samiti” strongly condemns the congress spokesperson, outlook magazine editor and the author of front page article “Operation Beti Bachao” Mrs. Neha Dixit. All the facts mentioned by congress spokesperson and outlook magazine are totally baseless. It is an attempt to malign the image of ”Rashtrita Sewika Samiti” whose 80 years record of selfless service, character building and nationalism is impeccable. Hence ”Rashtrita Sewika Samiti” demands an immediate unconditional apology from all who participated in this slandering activity or else be ready to face the law.

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  1. Take these thick-skinned ones to the court. Don't be contented with a mere apology.

  2. there is no dignity in congress leaders even their women spokespersons too also it shame to the entire female fraternity the statement they made clarifies they didn't act as decent congress persons at least as decent women they must apologize before entire national media and they must be sack from the party if not the entire congress on the suspicion they prove themselves as they're dignified women with their open apology before the women fraternity

  3. RSS must take a tough stand against those who are vilifying the organization. Let not these Congie crooks get the feeling that they can get away with it. If they do not tender apology, they must face the Law.