Sureshrao Ketkar a role model of dedicated life, RSS Chief

“Senior Pracharak and former Sharirik Pramukh Sureshrao Ketkar was a sparkling example of a perfectly dedicated life. He relentlessly worked for the nation and the society. He accepted, adopted and imbibed the RSS in his personality and lived for it all through his life to maintain a flow of its tradition. A firm resolve to continue with that tradition will be the true tribute to this great soul”, said Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) Sarsanghchalak Dr Mohanrao Bhagwat here on Thursday.

Bhagwat was speaking at a condolence meeting organised to mourn the loss of Sureshrao Ketkar who passed away recently at Latur after a prolonged illness. The meeting held at Dr Hedgewar Smriti Mandir premises was attended by Rashtra Sevika Samiti Chief Shantakka, former MP Banwarilal Purohit and others.

Vidarbha Prant Sanghchalak Dadarao Bhadke, Sah-Sanghchalak Ram Harkare, Nagpur Mahanagar Sanghchalak Rajesh Loya, Sah-Sanghchalak Shridahr Gadge shared the dais with Dr Bhagwat on this occasion.

Recalling the virtues and qualities of the late leader, Dr Bhagwat said that though Sureshrao Ketkar left this mortal world, he would never cease to exist through his works, and the mission he worked for. He was so dedicated to his mission, that even after suffering for Parkinson’s disease, Ketkar, in spite of memory loss, would recall his ‘Bouddhik’ correctly point by point in the perfect order. This continued till he breathed his last, Bhagwat recalled.

The RSS chief said that Ketkar was forced to take rest by the doctors attending him because he was very much eager to carry on with his work in spite of this falling health.

Dr Bhagwat also recalled his association with Ketkar and narrated some incidents that spoke about his qualities as RSS pracharak and a nice individual. He said that when Ketkar imbibed the values he used to tell the swayamsevaks to follow. He would take excessive labour for imbibing those qualities in his person.

Ketkar was a self-disciplined swayamsevak who would always ensure perfection in his actions and works, be it delivering a bouddhik to the swayamsevaks or making his uniform perfect as Akhil Bharatiya Sharirik Pramukh. His endeavour was aimed at perfection and excellence, Bhagwat recalled.

He was very strict in maintaining discipline, careful about the qualities of each and every swayamsevak and made efforts to hone them with motherly affection and concern. Sureshrao Ketkar was a role model for all RSS swayamsevaks and those associated with various other organisations to follow in their life, the RSS Sarsanghchalak said.

Dr Bhagwat also recalled Ketkar's style of careful scrutiny of facts and events while working on several projects that included among others making a film of RSS founder Dr Hedgewar's life. Those who came in contact with Ketkar even for a brief period cannot forget him. He left a permanent imprint of his character, work and personality on everybody's mind and heart. He was a true RSS volunteer by his body, mind and soul.

Shridhar Gadge, made introductory remarks and cited some of the best qualities of Ketkar and shared some of his memories.

Tributes were paid to late Ketkar by a host of organisations including Rashtra Sevika Smaiti, BJP, VHP, VKA, BKS, ABVP, Vigyan Bharati, Grahak Panchayat, Bharatiya Shikshan Mandal, Bharat Vikas Parishad, Sanskar Bharati, Nagpur Municipal Corporation, News Bharati, Pune Sewa Sadan, etc.

Nagpur Mahanagar Sah-Karyawah Arvind Kukde conducted the program that concluded with RSS prayer.

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  1. once maananeeya shree Suresh Rao ketkar jee those days jee was akil bhaaratheeya shaareerik pramukh when I was 14 years old that time jee came to our shaakhaa we all noticecd that jee spoke only 3 minuntes because jee arrived to the shaakhaa after the 45 minutes held so he said don't change your samaya saarini go head as usual and on that 3 minutes jee said everything about a how to conduct a dharshaneeya shaakha and also many things without leaving any thing as a akil bhaaratha shaareerik pramukh jee is a perfectionist we all noticed jee's dhakshaa, aarama pranaam and veekra everything was perfect than any body this happened at 1989 june july at thirunavukkarasar thottam, thiruvallikeni(triplicane), Chennai, tamil nadu praanth those days maananeeya shree H S Govinda jee was Chennai vibaagh prachaarak and Maananeeya shree V Shanmuganathan jee(now jee is Governer of Megalaya) was praanth prachaarak that was now too for generations a proud moment bahooth vinamra garva sae kahthaa hoon main ek swayamsevak