Journalism should shed defiance and be humble, Ram Madhav

Journalism should shed defiance and be humble Says Ram Madhav in the Devarshi Narad Award Ceremony

Pune, 23 July (VSK) – Journalism was once a mission but today it has crossed the limit even of professionalism. The arrogance has entered the journalism and journalists need to be more humble. The journalism can succeed only when it acquires humility, said Ram Madhav, the National General Secretary of Bharatiya Janata Party and noted thinker, here today. Shri. Ram Madhav was speaking at the Devarshi Narad Journalism Awards distribution ceremony given by the Vishwa Samwad Kendra, Paschim Maharashtra Prant. Senior journalist Dilip Dharurkar was confered with the Senior Journalist Award while Mustafa Attar was confered with the Young Journalist Award. Ganesh Kore was confered with Photographer Award while Shefali Vaidya was confered with the first ever Social Media Award.

The senior journalist award comprises of Rs. 15 thousand in cash, memento, Kshawl and coconut while other awards comprise of Rs. 7.5 thousand in cash, memento, shawl and coconut. Shri. Manohar` Kulkarni, President of Vishwa Samwad Kendra, Dr. Ajit Patwardhan, President of the Council and Governing Council of the Deccan Education Society, Ravindrasinh Pardeshi, principal of the Fergusson College were present on the dais. The audience comprised of many dignitaries and journalists among others. Speaking on the occasion, Shri. Ram Madhav said, “The journalist should consider every awards as an additional responsibility. The scientists make a nuclear bomb in 20 years, but a journalists prepares a nuclear bomb every day. The journalism was a mission during the independence struggle of India. At that time, every big leader used the journalism as a means. However, today journalism has become an industry. There is an urgent need to bring back the missionary zeal of that era.” Speaking of the new turns that the journalism has taken, he said that today the journalism has passed the phase of professionalism and become agitative journalism. “The journalism is plagued with tendency of defiance. Today's society is well informed. Hence, the people today want the humility. The responsibility of the social media is much more than the mainstream media. The freedom of expression is important but the freedom of life is absolute. Today the democratization of the media has taken place in truly and this is good for the country”. He warned that it would be better if media contributed to the development of the country, but people wouldn't tolerate if they opposed it. He also touched upon the diminishing sensitivity of the society and said, “No single person should die in the country. We should explore the answers to the questions like what is the status of women in today's society, whether a woman can become a successful politician and what is the plight of the dalits.” The Devarshi Narad Senior Journalist Award was given to Dilip Dharurkar. Replying to the award, he said, “This is an award given to my devotion of a lifetime. When I started my career, there was intellectual terrorism in media. To put forward the thoughts of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh was impossible. It is still prevalent today and can be felt everywhere. The media has to turn to national renaissance now.” The Young Journalist Award was given to Mustafa Attar. Replying to the award, he said, “This is a felicitation done by the Puneites which is why I am very delighted with this award. I always strove to take care of the health of the Puneites during my career of 13 years and I am proud of it. The satisfaction seen of the faces of the people is the inspiration behind my work. I will continue to do this work.” Shefali Vaidya, who received the first ever Social Media Award, said, “I started writing on internet in 2013. At that time, I had no idea that my writing would become so popular. Today my writing reaches to almost 8 lakhs people. This has given me many accolades and awards. I dedicated this award to my family and my readers. The mainstream media is trying to sell falsity in the name of popularity. I started writing against it as a reply from a true citizen.” In his inaugural address, Shri. Kulkarni said, “Now is the age of new media. That is why we started giving social media awards from this year. The main work of the Vishwa Samwad Kendra is interacting with the media. Enlightenment, publication and training are the three pillars of the Vishwa Samwad Kendra's work.” Dr. Ajit Patwardhan said, “Three of the five founders of the Deccan Education Society were noted journalists. Hence, the society was associated with the journalism from the start. Youngsters are influenced most by the media after schools and colleges.” Deepa Bhandare was the compeere of the program while Ravindrasinh Pardeshi gave the vote of thanks. Box People of Kashmir are ours Refering to Kashmir, Shri. Ram Madhav said that we have to accept not only the land but the people also of the Kashmir. Kashmir is an integral part of the India and there can be no discussion on it. The people there have every right to press for their demands but it should be done in the framework of the Constitution. Some people there pro-Pakistan in Kashmir but their number is very low. We have to win over the hearts of the Kashmiri people to strengthen the nationalist forces there. --------

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