Chant 'OM' to increase oxygen, Salma Ansari

Amidst the ongoing controversy over chanting of ‘OM’ while performing Yoga, Vice President Mohammad Hamid Ansari’s wife Salma Ansari endorsed chanting of ‘OM’ while she met the reporters in an event for honouring students of the Madarsa Al-Noor in Aligarh.
"Nothing wrong in saying 'OM', don't you say 'Allah' or God or 'Rab'? What is the difference? All must do Yoga. And when we pronounce 'Om' we get more oxygen," she said. "Opposition to Yoga is totally wrong as chanting 'OM' improves health, I would have had few damaged bones if not for Yoga. I practise yoga and find it very useful to improve my health”" she added. She urged the people to follow those practices that benefit health. 

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