RSS swayamsevaks welcomed Congress workers to hoist tricolor


Congress organized a protest (today-22.2.16) against RSS to hoist tricolor in RSS Office. Headed by Madhya Pradesh Congress State chief Arun Yadav, Rambagh and other Congress workers rushed to ‘Archana’- Indore office of RSS to hoist national flag. When police came to know about the intent of congress volunteers, it stopped them midway in anticipation.
No swayamsewak opposed their moves. On the contrary, swayamsewaks welcomed the Congress workers, fed them and later on accompanied them to hoist national flag at the RSS office. 

After hoisting the National flag, RSS veteran leader Prakash Ji, Solapurkar Ji, welcomed the Congress workers and addressed them. He said that 'it is nice to see you all here and it will be nicer if we invite each other.  We should all work together for the security and integrity of our nation.  RSS Office is always open to all patriots and will remain open'. 
Vibhag Karyavah Dilip Jain said that ‘it is the pleasure that the program went peacefully. But national flag is not a subject of politics, but an emotional subject.  Swayamsevaks across the country involve themselves in the national festivals celebrated in their neighbourhood town, city etc. It is from the inception of Sangh, any topic related to national identity is the priority subject to swayamsevaks.  Tricolour is our national flag and as a symbol of our culture, swayamsevaks treat Bhagwa Dwaj as their Guru. There is no subject to dispute’. 
After this, Congress workers were fed with refreshments. Congress leader Arun Yadav thanked the RSS leader for their warm reception.

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  1. It was stupid attempt by congress..RSS works for country why they will have objection in hosting tricolor...ask communists and others also to avoid Laal (red) Blue flags..saffron is just a symbol and 'Guru' for RSS not the national flag....National flag is obviously tricolor every RSS person has been respecting it from childhood and generations.

    Good..our behavior and work will change people's mindset towards RSS