National Democratic Teachers Front (NDTF) submits memorandum to the President on JNU

The following are the contents of the letter submitted to the President of India which is signed by about 1000 prominent teachers of University of Delhi on the issue of JNU including A K Bhagi, Rajesh Gogna; Members of Executive Council University of Delhi; I M Kapahy, N K Kakkar, Rajbir Sharma former members of Executive council; S R Oberoi former DUTA President; R N Dubey, H C Jain, Geeta Bhat, K P Singh, Sunil Kumar, Mahendra Meena, Gaurav Goel Members of Academic Council University of Delhi; Sunil Sharma, Ashok Yadav, Anil Sharma, Shambhu Nath Dubey Members of DUTA Executive and many former Academic council and DUTA Executive Members.

The President of India
Rashtrapati Bhawan
New Delhi-110001
Hon'ble Rashtrapati ji,
We the undersigned teachers of University of Delhi note with serious concern the recent happenings in the JNU Campus. Whereas we are in full support of freedom of speech, right to dissent and freedom for presenting alternative paradigm, we firmly opposed to creating an environment against the unity and territorial integrity of the nation. What happened in JNU on 9th Feb, 2016 cannot be condoned under the excuse of freedom of speech and freedom to dissent. Open Anti India slogans were raised by seditious elements for the destruction and division of India, for secession of Kashmir and in favour of terrorists who were awarded death sentence by the Supreme Court after a prolonged judicial process. Earlier same elements had celebrated the brutal killings of 76 CRPF brave soldiers in Dantewada by Maoists. We urge you to intervene and issue orders to the concerned authorities for an impartial probe. Guilty should not be spared and should be severely punished, but no innocent should be implicated. Also the sanctity of academic process of JNU should be maintained. The whole of JNU cannot and should not be blamed for doings of these seditious elements who are desperately trying to exploit the privileges offered by the University for Jihadi and terror activities. Also, there should be comprehensive enquiry into activities inside JNU which has led to the present situation.
National Democratic Teachers Front (NDTF) as a teachers’ body is concerned about the happenings of 9th February 2016 in the Jawaharlal Nehru University Campus where anti-national and pro-Pakistan slogans were shouted. Whereas we are in full support of freedom of speech, right to dissent and freedom for presenting alternative paradigm, we are firmly opposed to shouting of slogans like
काश्मीर की आजादी तक जंग लडेंगे, भारत की बर्बादी तक जंग लडेंगे।  इंडिया गो बैक।
The slogans, at the outset, are anti-national which talk about the division of our country, secession of Kashmir, and in favour of terrorists who were awarded death sentence by the honourable Supreme Court after a prolonged judicial process. Earlier the same elements had also celebrated the killing of 76 CRPF soldiers in Dantewara by Maoists.
NDTF is also upset about the support of some academicians from India and abroad to such anti- national elements. This is unfortunate that intellectuals like Noam Chomsky, a linguist from USA and some other academicians have written a letter in support of them. We simply want to ask Mr. Chomsky that if some people would have shouted slogans in favour of Bin Laden in America and eulogized him as a martyr and hero, would he have stood in their support the same way as he has shown his open support to the people who did so about the terrorist, Afzal Guru who was the mastermind of attack on Indian Parliament, the temple of Indian democracy? Would not have the American Government levelled charges against him?
In view of the above concerns, NDTF submitted a Memorandum to the President of India with signatures of around 1000 University teachers, which includes some eminent academicians and elected representatives of teachers in various bodies in the present and past. Some of the eminent names of signatories are:
 Dr. Inder Mohan Kapahy, Member UGC, Ex-Secretary DUTA  and a stalwart of NDTF; Shri Ram Oberoi , Ex-President DUTA; Dr. Raj Kumar Bhatia Ex-NDTF President; Dr. Rajvir Sharma, a big NDTF leader; Prof. Rajesh Gogna, Member, Executive Councilof the University of Delhi; Dr. AK Bhagi, President NDTF and elected Member, Executive Council; Professor Shri Prakash Singh and Dr. Surindra Kumar( Vice Presidents, NDTF) ; Sh. Sunil Sharma, Sh. Ashok Yadav, Sh. Shambhu Nath Dubey, Sh. Anil Sharma (all Elected DUTA Executives); Dr. KP Singh, Dr. Mahendra Meena, Sh. Suneel Kashyap, Dr. Geeta Bhatt, Dr. RN Dubey, Dr. Gaurav Goel (elected Academic Council members); Saloni Gupta ji, Vijender Kumar ji (Secretary, NDTF); Dr. Avanijesh Awasthi- Ex-NDTF President; Dr. Manoj Khanna, Dr. Pramod Kumar Sharma, Dr. Rakesh Pandey and other prominent NDTF and DUTA  leaders and activists.
Following are the demands of NDTF as conveyed through the Memorandum submitted today to the President of India:
1.  A thorough investigation of the happening of 9th February at JNU should be done. The probe should also be made about the circumstances and the elements which have led to such kind of anti-India activities take place in a premier University in the heart of the country.
 2. To investigate the forces operative in the University that students are linking up with the banned organizations and groups.
 3.  It should also be ensured that everyone cooperates in judicial inquiry as NDTF believes that it is a serious matter and all the miscreants involved must be punished severely.  At the same time,  it should also be ensured that Innocent students are not inconvenienced.
 4. Since it is a case of sedition against the country, an appeal should be made to political parties too to stand united as a division on this issue may send wrong message to terrorists and pro- separatists.  Nation First, India first should be the motto.
NDTF believes that integrity and honour of our motherland is above all institutions, including JNU.  Therefore, all the actions in this case may be taken with that motive in mind.
We don't want that the University should get a bad name and must remain one of the premier Universities of the country.  Therefore, a comprehensive enquiry must be ensured so that the University as an academic institution be strengthened.
 Dr. AK Bhagi
President, NDTF

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