Seva Reaches All

As soon as the news of the incessant rains and the flash floods reached Namakkal district around 40 volunteers from RSS and Rasipuram Vidya Mandir School have plunged to action. They went around various villages with loud speakers in hand requesting them to contribute liberally to help their brethren.

They collected 3 truck-loads of material worth about 10 Lakh rupees. They distributed the material to flood affected people housed in Panimalar Engineering College. Then they were heading to the Seva  Bharati head office in Chennai to hand over the remaining material. One the way the local leader of  “Manidaneya Makkal Katchi”, Avadi pleaded for help and the RSS volunteers handed the required relief material to them. The leader did not have any hesitation in receiving the material headed to Seva Bharati.

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