Restoring activity by swayamsevaks in Thideer Nagar, Manali

A hamlet in Chennai outskirts—Thideer Nagar of Manjambakkam, Manali is surrounded by compound walls on North and South, a big pond on the East, only way to come out of village is through the West.  This passage was flooded during the recent deluge of water into the hamlet. RSS-Sevabharathi swayamsevaks engaged themselves in rescue-relief-rehab operations in that area from the beginning.  Flood water could not recede as there is no proper drainage facility. As a part of Seva Sanghik this Sunday, Swayamsevaks decided to lay a small path leading to the slum area.  Around 60 swayamsevaks laid a mud path which is the only path for the villagers to move about.  

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