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Chennai Sandesh
June 21, 2013

A brutalizing verdict that trivializes the hoary tradition
 of marriage and society of Bharat
Justice C S Karnan a sitting Judge of Madras High Court performed an unusual feat on June 19.  Through the columns of daily newspapers he justified his own verdict of June 17.  In the verdict Karnan had trivialized age old institution of marriage in the society.  (This had evoked harsh exchange in talk shows in Tamil TV Channels). In his verdict he had said, “If a couple chooses to consummate their sexual cravings, then the act becomes a total commitment with adherence to all consequences that may follow” Sri S Gurumurthy described this as saying “Mating means marriage” in the article of ‘The New Indian Express’. The Mangalsutra, walking around fire etc. during the marriage were described in the said verdict as something to satisfy the society.  Sri Gurumurthy goes on to add “at the peak of the Dark age, Srimad Bagawatam says ‘sexual relationship will be recognized as the only relationship’.  The West, which had held itself out as the model for the Rest, seems to be realizing now that it needs to get out the Dark Age marriages described in Bhagawatam.  Should we then risk equating mating with marriage?”
An ominous Kashmir parallel in a petition
at Madurai Bench of Madras High Court
Occasionally separatist tendency raises its ugly head at unusual spots.  Recently Vaiko led MDMK’s volunteer wing secretary Baskara Sethupathy filed a petition at the Madurai Bench of Madras High Court.  He argued, ‘because fisherman of Tamilnadu are given a step-motherly treatment by Government of India even when Sri Lankan forces attack them.  Not only that in all the issues related to Tamilnadu the Central Government turns a blind eye.  Therefore the Court should order  the Central Government directing it to accord special status to Tamilnadu in the lines of Jammu Kashmir.’ Obviously it was ultra virus and so the petition was dismissed.  But the ominous comparison of Kashmir reminds one of Anandapur Resolution of Sikh outfits citing the special status of Kashmir years ago.  It may be remembered that the nationalist India opposed this tendency tooth and nail then and there.

Saving the Environment becomes so delightful when Hindutva pitches in, as Tiruppur found out
A three hundred year old vanhi tree became a victim to torrential rains last week in Tiruppur, the hosiery headquarters of Bharat. It was uprooted and fell by the wayside.  Devotees had been worshipping the tree Vanhi Eswara.  So they decided to save the tree.  They talked to the Highways Department and bought the tree for Rs.7500/- from the department.  With the help of heavy Earthmovers they transported the tree to nearby Nathampalaayam to a plot owned by the Village Panchayat Vice President Veera Kumar close to a Ganesh temple.  As the tree was taken along the roads of Tiruppur scores of people performed the Abhishekam to the tree, offered flowers and performed Neivadhyam of coconut and fruit.  The tree was finally securely installed at the decided spot.  Saving the Environment becomes so delightful when Hindutva pitches in.

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