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Chennai Sandesh
May 31, 2013

Drought, scarcity causes sky-rocketing of vegetable prices in Tamilnadu, drinking water not exempted

An indication of the drought condition in Tamilnadu was the price of Ginger which crossed Rs.200/- last week. Beans also were sold at Rs.170/- per kilo. Lack of rains was the direct cause. Recently Tamilnadu State Government announced massive drought relief, an unprecedented step. The Southwest monsoon totally fail so the State will have to wait upto August for the North East to set in. In the last week of May, half a dozen districts witnessed slight rainfall—a small relief from the heavens. The week before that the city of Chennai witnessed sudden disappearance of mineral water cans from the bazaar owing to a strike by mineral water plants to protest against raids by health department officials on their plants. Of course, they quickly reappeared in the bazaar much to the relief of the average citizen. The strike caused a steep rise in the price of water can punching a big hole in the purse of the customer.

IAF and Indian Navy flex their muscles in the South

Last week, Thanjavur became full-fledged Airways of the Indian Airforce. Sukoi planes will hereafter keep guard over most of the Southern Bay of Bengal Sea. This airway also trains airmen of the Indian Air Force. (b) The State of the art fleet of aircraft owned by Indian Navy is maintained at INS Rajali, the airways of Indian Navy. This is situated close to Chennai near Arakonam. The recent addition to the fleet is the US made P8i fighter plane. This will carry out reconnaissance sorties. As it flies, an area with a radius of 200 miles will be covered by its surveillance equipments, but it has been so designed that enemy radars will be unable to spot them. The P8i aircraft can spot missiles emanating from enemy ships, submarines and enemy fighter bombers. Also this aircraft has the potential to destroy the missiles. Vice Admiral Bimal K Verma who inspected last week the newly inducted P8i aircraft last week said, “This will strengthen the muscles of Indian Navy.”

Thousands of passenger-train passengers hail Grahak Panchayat

You will have to pay just Rs.20/- to travel from Salem to Karur a distance of 85 kms i.e. by the newly inaugurated Salem-Karur railway track. Thousands of passenger today enjoy such cheap conveyance, thanks to the unrelenting efforts of two teams of Akhil Bharatiya Grahak Panchayat, Tamilnadu at the Salem as well as Karur ends. The time taken by the passenger train is just two hours whereas travel by road will take three hours. A saving of 41kms is the benefit of using this route instead of the existing old circuitous route before the inauguration of the new track. On May 25, inauguration day of the new route, karyakarthas of ABGP distributed sweets to the passenger in the inaugural train along with pamphlets detailing the struggle by ABGP to realize this facility. Not to content with this, the ABGP has petitioned the Southern Railways to extend the route upto Trichy junction.


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