The complete speech of Dr Mohan ji Bhagwat at Indore, Silchar programme

The complete speech of Dr Mohan ji Bhagwat at Indore, Silchar programme 
In last Three days, there were two attempts by media to present distorted facts about the sayings of Ma. Mohan ji Bhagwat.

The first was a controversy- “rapes happen in India and not in Bharat, says Bhagwat.”
Actually in a Question-answer session at a program of for invited citizens in Silchar, Assam, on 31st December 2012. In response to a specific query where the questioner quoted ‘India’, Mohan ji replied. The complete question and its answer is available in video from at-
It has received more than 1,000 views in last two days. The verbatim text of this Question and answer is available at
डा. मोहन भागवत ने वास्तव में क्या कहा?

The second was more perverted reporting like “ Bhagwat says women should stay at home” or “Bhagwat says marriage is a contract”. Media reported it along with the report of mammoth gathering of Malwa prant giving impression that this speech was part of the big program.

Actually it was a program to inaugurate the Yog Vidya Peeth of Swami Pramanand. The program was on 5thJanuary 2013. Ma. Mohanji was explaining the difference between western and Bharatiya world views. The complete speech is available at

The relevant part of the speech and Ma. Manmohan ji Vaidya’s statement is available at
BY the prompt action of Sangh Adhikaris and Prachar Vibhag and VSKs, many media houses did a mid-course correction. TIMES NOW published the actual video of the relevant part.
Sagarika Ghosh twitted and accepted the correction. Please see the attached image.

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  1. There is a nexus between anti-national,anti-Hindu parties and a section of the mercenary Media to demonize Hindus and our rich culture and heritage.Most people have understood the evil intentions of this mafia to destabilize our country .The Media has lost its credibility among the people.So they have not given much importance to the distortion of Mohan Bhagwatji's utterances by the Media.I did not find anything wrong with what Mananiya Bhagawatji said to a question put up to him by a journalist.It is quite possible that the question was deliberately asked so that they can twist his words.It should be remembered that such a question was not asked to any mullah or christian clergyman.This also was intentional.