A letter from a Swayamsevak from Nairobi, Kenya

Keshra R Hirani.
20th Dec 2011
Jai Swaminarayan!
First of all, I take this opportunity to congratulate you for coming out as a Pracharika of Hindu Sevika Samiti in the Vishwa Vibhaag.
A person of your caliber, who is a disciple of great sons & daughters of BHARAT like P.P. Dr. Hedgewar ji & P. P. Guruji, Van. Laxmibai Kelkar to name a few. A person whose role model is a great son of Bharat, Swami Vivekananda ji. You have set the goals, you have raised the bars, and you have to get set to reach for excellence.
I am very confident that you shall be successful in whatever you do because of the tremendous faith & confidence that you posses. I personally remember one such inspiring incidence. It was during a prize distribution ceremony held in your school, Ngara girls High School, while you were a form 3 student. That year, the overall Academic Prize winner for a form 4 student went to Meena Mavji Vaghjiani. You congratulated her and said “Meena! Next year this prize is definitely going to Anita Keshra Patel. And I mean it!” And guess what? You actually proved it. You not only got the trophy of the best academic student but also topped the school in the KCSE exam. I was touched by the confidence that you had then.
That same moment, I decided to inspire you & your confidence fully. For this, I always joined you in all your activities e.g. your table tennis matches, cycling practices and expeditions to Ngong Hills, Mt. Longonot and Mt. Kenya. Your confidence in yourself, gave you the strength to travel alone, this made my confidence in you grow day by day. I always saw that your graph of confidence did not deteriorate at all. It always moved up.
Initially, when you two sisters, (Reshma & yourself), went as assessors for President Award Scheme’s expeditions, and that too with 10 boys, I didn’t like the idea but when you completed them successfully, I found it was ok, as I did not want to discourage your faith & confidence. I always noticed that your fighting spirits increasing day by day.
Now that you are coming out as a Pracharika in Vishwa Vibhaag, your responsibilities will increases in large numbers. Now, you shall no longer be my daughter only, you shall be a beti / bhagini for so many Karyakartas / Swayamsevaks / Sevikas all over the world. You will have to prove your appointment as a Pracharika to all of them. You shall be answerable to the Sangh Pariwar all over the world. Your failures and faults shall be questioned, so you will have to be very careful, responsible, obedient and faithful. From today onwards, you will have to eat less, sleep less and read more.
Fortunately, we have many inspirational writers in our Sangh Pariwar. You will happen to come in contact with them in person. You will have to grab all the opportunities coming your way.
In Sangh, our relations goes as far as Kitchen and its always a delight for the elders to see their beti working in the kitchen. You will have to be a hard working person. You will have to be very fearless person. You will have to be very brave girl.
You need not have to worry as so many Karyakartas all over are ready to help you when necessary. You know Sangh work is Ishwariya Karya. Feel that you are great & you will become great. Always believe that you are bound to do great things. Always think that you are Atma; deathless & free, pure by nature. You can’t commit any sins. Have faith in yourself, this faith will make you a man even God. So always have faith in yourself & in you. Always think positive.
Also remember, be the small of the smallest Swayamsevak, Karyakarta or Adhikari. Never have any ego! Do not let Ego conquer you & your mission.
Since the decision of being a Pracharika is your own and not as a result of outside pressure, we as your parents welcome your decision. Your timely decision to give Sangh 2 years for Sangh work is welcomed as we celebrate Swami Vivekanandji’s 150th Birth centenary. You can rest be assured for any assistance, whatsoever kind, shall always available to you by my family & all members of Sangh.
I would like to express my gratitude to all the Karyakartas in Kenya and in Pune, who have helped to shape you.
As we are proud of you right now, make sure you learn maximum & use these 2 years so competently & inspire younger Swayamsevaks or Sevikas and make us more proud. Always make the motto of your life as a Pracharika as “Give more and receive less.”
May God bless you!

Your father


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  1. This letter of advice and blessing from a swayamsevak father to his swayamsevika daughter is truly inspiring and overwhelming!May Ishwara bless them!

  2. This letter is very inspiring and need to be read more than once.