Razing of Temples at the instance of Minorities

In Thenkasi District, Kadayam Panchayat, Sambenkulam Village there exist “Pachchai Saththi Madan Temple” owned by Naadar community of the village. They consider it as their family deity. There are about 160 Hindu Naadars living there with agriculture as their only livelihood. The temple is situated in the Patta land bearing numbers 1598 and 1376 belonging to Thiru. Pacchaimaal S/o Subbaiah Nadar. In this temple there exists “Peedam” made up of sand and every year during Chithirai month the people used to renovate the peedam and perform the festival. Though this year the community people renovated the “Peedam” due to CORONA pandemonium the festival could not be performed. Instead the community people have decided to put up temporary shed with cement sheet to avoid drenching of sand in rain. Putting up of this temporary structure was objected by the alleging that it affects the privacy of women folks who used to bath in the nearby area. However, this is absolutely false and untenable. 

Adjacent to it, in another village Azhagappapuram, ‘Azhipachi Madan” temple is worshiped by Dalit community people of that village.

Without any reason and also without any prior notice, the revenue officials and police of the district have threatened the Hindu community people and also under threat they have demolished and ransacked the entire temple and its premises. The temples have been razed with JCB Dozer. 

On getting information, under the leadership of Shri. V.P.Jayakumar State Vice-President of Hindu Munnani, Shri. Kuttralanathan, Advocate, State Secretary of Hindu Munnani-Lawyers Forum, Shri, Thanga Manohar, President, Nellai Division, Hindu Munnani and other office bearers visited the temple spot and did inquiry with the villagers about the incident.

On inquiry, it was found that the Revenue Officials have demolished and ransacked the temples only at the instance of some of radical and fundamental Muslim community people residing there as they are in majority along with their political outfits. Suppressing the real facts it was alleged falsely by them as if the temple has been constructed in a Poramboke property. Without conducting inquiry as per law and without verifying the revenue records the officials have razed the Peedam and temples with JCB in spite of the fact that the temple is in Patta property and is in existence for several years. Because of the action of the officials, the sentiments of Hindu community people was severally offended.

Hindu Munnani appeals Hindu community to extend solidarity to the protest if the Revenue Officials do not restore the temple and its premises, as it stood before, on or before 21st June 2020, and blockade on 22nd June, 2020 at about 10.30 AM, before the Collectorate, Thenkasi District condemning the anti- Hindu attitude of the revenue and police officials and there nexus with the radical Muslims. Hindu Munnani also submitted a petition to the State Home Minister giving all details of the incident for stern action. Hindu Munnani Lawyers Forum has initiated legal action against Revenue officials for their illegal action in razing temples.

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