Nara Seva is Narayan Seva, example from Madurai

With an aim to help more people in nearby areas, C Mohan, owner of a salon in Melamadai, Madurai touched the hearts of families in Madurai by extending his helping hand during lockdown. On hearing the difficulties of the people in and around his place, Mohan was moved and wished to do something for the betterment of his fellow beings. 

The lockdown has shut his shop and cut his cash flow. In spite of this, he withdrew his savings, which he has been saving for his daughter’s education. With that initial money of Rs. 5 lakh, he gave around 615 local families a kit of 5 kg rice, vegetables, groceries and cooking oil. As more requests poured in, Mohan pledged his wife’s jewellery and continued to feed the poor. Shri Mohan said, “Our experiences have taught us that money is just a part of life and is temporary in nature. Since we had some money saved, we gave it away to the poor”. 

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