In The Guise Of Condemning Police High Handedness, Police Authority Is Sought To Be Undermined

For no fault of theirs, two citizens of India lost their life in Saathankulam, Thoothukudi district, on June 19 after alleged police torture. It would be atrocious and highly condemnable if anyone tries to justify it. The authorities must take action on the perpetrators. It is sheer cruelty at play when those responsible for maintaining law and order take law into their hands and torture people in the name of interrogation. The perpetrators, whoever they may be, should be brought to justice and deterrent punishment under law meted out to them. The death of the duo, father and son, has gone viral in the social media. Persons of all descriptions like cine celebrities, politicians, social activists etc, have come out with their own opinions. In the meantime, some social pests poked their nose and tried to damn the entire police department in an effort to cause disaffection against the police and thus harm national integration by their virulent propaganda. Especially when the general public now look upon the policemen as anaatha rakshaks during the harrowing lockdown months. Policemen risking their life and a few succumbing to COVID 19 during the call of duty along highways as well as in containment spots as in the case of policeman Bala Murali attached to Mambalam police station. Over 650 police personnel on duty have tested positive, have undergone treatment; after recovery 250 of them rejoined duty involving the unending fight against Coronavirus. During the previous DMK rule, ASI Vetrivel was butchered in broad daylight in the presence of Ministers. No, policemen do not have what they call workplace security. That is Tamilnadu police, now targeted by vested interests out to create chaos and fish in troubled water. Even after the government solatium was handed over to the family of the victims DMK barged in with a hefty sum as relief to the family, triggering ruling AIADMK to match its rival in the largesse race. DMK is to be blamed for injecting divisive and communal politics (the victims were Christians) in an isolated case of alleged police excess. 
Before the Saathankulam “custodial death“ is blown out of proportion, it calls for a close look by State and Central investigating agencies.

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