Coimbatore School Boy Offers Yoga Tips for Athletes

“ Where there is will, always a way”, proves Niranjan a school boy from Coimbatore , in Tamil Nadu. He is a winner of several medals and trophies in Yoga competitions in India, Thailand, Malaysia etc. He has been creating awareness for “ Athletic Yoga” despite meager resources at his home in Coimbatore. From the age of six, Niranjan has been practicing yoga.

Talking to press reporters on “International Yoga Day” he said practicing yoga with their daily physical fitness and other activities, sportsmen and athletes can improve their performance. He says yoga increases their physical/mental fitness, concentration, and competitiveness. Yoga strengthens the spinal cord that is vital for any physical / mental activity, he adds. He has been creating the awareness among sports persons. Nirnajan will be representing the nation in the forthcoming “International Yoga Championship”. VSK wishes him success in the championship and the awareness campaign of ‘Athletic Yoga '.

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