The venom spewing Foreign Media

Indian Govt under dynamic, able leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been doing a commendable job in containing spread of dreadful corona virus. The whole world is surprised and hail the efforts of Indian govt. While the US and UK govts compliment Modi in his effort to control the epidemic with minimum loss of life at the cost of economy, some of the media could not conceal their bias /prejudice. Modi, after the eruption of the epidemic, has addressed the nation five times connecting directly with people. That was a great success. His appeal for one day voluntary Janata curfew ending with clap applauding the noble work of health workers, and switching off lights and lighting lamps/candles attracted tremendous response not only in India, but world over. On all the five occasions Modi, as in the past, addressed the nation only in Hindi, and every non-Hindi speaking Indian has responded proudly to express his/her solidarity with the nation. While the ground situation is like this, the BBC Tamil has commented his national address in Hindi. The article, in tone and tune reflect the views of some fringe Tamil secessionist groups. BBC being the foreign media should not have published the article. This is clear interference of our internal matter. 

Couple of days earlier an article/news item in the Washington Post wondered why the dreadful Corona virus has not shown its full might in India. The paper could not appreciate the efforts of the Indian govt and digest the fact.

One more journalist, of Indian origin, Vijayalakshmi Nadar, the US based Bureau Chief of e-paper, tweeted “looks like the lipoma surgery that Mota Shah went for few months back has become full blown cancer. Astrologers predict ill health till October, which I hope ends conclusively. Some deaths can indeed be hastened and celebrated too in the interest of the humanity”. What a perverted mind.! She is a Aam Aadmi Party Member and said close to Delhi Dy.CM, Mr.Manish Sisodia. Neither the party or the Journalist body though it fit condemn her. 

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