Rejoinder to Attempt To Hold Hinduphobic Conference By University Of Madras

An additional point for yesterday’s topic:

“Though the proposed conference to be held in July 2020 is now ‘postponed indefinitely’ due to Chinese Corona Virus pandemic, the fact that a University from India (University of Madras) joining hands with these anti-India foreign forces has irked the common public and shook their conscience.” Along with that note, yesterday’s (May 16) write up in VSK Tamilnadu blog ended with a pointer to authorities thus: “The common public is also concerned about the role of both State and Central governments in allowing such conferences, which would disturb the communal harmony, to happen in the first place.” Today’s discussion on the conference mischief threw up the following additional aspect: “Since the rampant visa flouting is injurious to national security, (as was witnessed in the Tabliqui spreaders case and several instances of Christian missionaries overstaying) any university or institution must be mandated to take prior permission from GOI / MEA / MHA if it wants to invite foreign nationals to any of its event.

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