Lack of Hindu Unity emboldens all and sundry to indulge in vilifying the age old culture of the Land and get away with it.

In the last couple of days two incidents of denigrating, defaming of Hindu god and saint are the trending in social media. The entire Hindu community could only see the annual Meenaskshi Kalyanam in temple city Madurai in a web cast only. The Hindu community , realizing its responsibility , refrained from celebration with usual fan fare and show all the festivals like Meenakshi Kalyanam and Azhagar festival all in Madurai . But two rationalists made damaging comment on Madurai Meenakshi. They were trolled heavily in social media and one FIR filed by Hindu Munnani worker he was arrested. Unconfirmed reports say two persons posted regret.

Two days earlier Tamil actor Kamalhasan , in a tele interview , made derogatory comment about most celebrated Rama Bhakt and Carnatic sangeet composer, Saint Thygaraja. Kamal's comment exposed his lack of knowledge about the saint. Thousands of Thygaraja Bhakts have reacted and the actor is remorseless. Saint Thygarajar is one of the “ Trinity” of Carnatic Music and thousands sing/recite his “kritis” in concerts all over the world. Every musician in the South feels it a great honor to sing his kritis in front of his “Samadhi on the Kaveri bank in Thiruvaiyaru every year in January, organized and held by All India Thygarajar Aaradhana Committee, headed by G.K. Vasan.. He succeeds his father late GK Moopanar as the committee chairman. The shocking reality is neither Vasan nor any of the musicians has commented , leave alone initiating legal action against the actor.

These two are not just two isolated incidents. This anti-Hindu campaign has been going on for the past 60/70 years, which peaked in 1970s when DMK was in power. While the Hindu rationalists are hypocrites , the campaign mainly carried out by prominent political bigshots or people in cine field, belonging to other faiths , under assumed Hindu names , concealing their real name/faith. Both DMK and AIADMK while in power failed to discharge their duty and in opposition support such forces directly or indirectly. And the police is helpless. Now the reactions in social media some time force the offenders to regret. Not apologies! FIR/ Case filed by individual or VHP/Hindu Munnani, etc., are rejected on flimsy grounds. Hindus crave for an end to all this.

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