COVID After Effect: No More "GOING TO A FILM", It Has Come To Your Living Room!

Remember the dozens of cinema halls that were closed down during last decade? Reasons are many. In general the cinema industry is in red. Film Producers are not getting back their investments. Big Banners stopped producing films.. Only Top Heroes Films are released. Medium and Small Budget Films are facing difficulties to get theatres for release...Nearly 250+ films are waiting for release... No theatres are ready to accommodate these kinds of films...bcoz they can't charge additional amount in ticket selling as in the case of Big Heroes Films...Now Covid after effect will be of two types..

First type... Artists and technicians will reduce salary and theatres will bring the ticket amount down to pull audience to theatres. 

Second type... The sale of tickets will be linked to the consumer products... ticket amount will be hidden in the cost of the product...will be linked as freebies for buying the products... Already talks are going on between Media Agencies and Film Producers...In turn the product will be made as film promotion. Artists may also endorse the products for ticket selling...

The above two types will be implemented to bring audience back to theatres..

Another threat to the theatres are OTT platform where medium star studded films are directly released to the online platform... this is going to be biggest threat to the theatres..

The Film Production will come down and the film quality content as well as technique wise will improve..But the Tamil Film World is controlled by Christian Funding Mafia...which will not make good things to happen. So much for a visual Media touted as most powerful!

Now to counter OTT...OFT is formed...Only For Theatres concept. Some Genuine Film Producers have formed this...Artists Salary and Directors remuneration will be made on the basis of theatre collection and the film will be released only in theatres...The payments will be paid thru cheques and online transactions only and everything will be transparent...

So the revival of Film Industry will be based on the success of OFT.

(Vittal Narayanan - teleserial producer)

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