A Battery Of Three Episodes Energising The Hindutva Worker In Tamilnadu

Hindu society is alive. And kicking. More frequently and effectively too. During the second month of lockdown, Kanyakumari Hindus voiced their concern over insult to Bharat Mata. Through social media, the nation joined force. The local Church that started the mischief had to beat a retreat.

Close on the heels of this episode, the ZEE 5 teleserial Godman (Tamil) release slated for June 12 produced by Hindu baiters was cancelled following swift and focused protest at various levels of Hindu society.

Next, Hindu society pitched in to back its brethren - the SC community - that is repeatedly vilified by DMK bigwigs in public. This time the reprisal was by invoking the SC ST Act (Scheduled Castes and Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act, 1989) by workers of BJP, a known supporter of Hindutva cause. Thereby hangs a tale. The VCK that professes to be a “champion of Dalit cause”, was pilloried for its calculatedly muted criticism of the offending DMK. The arena was open to the patriotic forces to take charge of the fight against this atrocity on SC communities. They took their protest to the logical conclusion by driving the offenders scurrying for bail.

Meanwhile, habitual acts of atrocity on SCs by DMK drove a senior functionary of DMK to join BJP. His observation was: ‘DMK leadership keeps brainwashing its cadres that BJP caters to only a particular section of Hindu society, even while they tread an anti-SC path, sidelining SC community inside the party'. 

Can these stray incidents in the public life of Tamilnadu be referred to as an effect of the strength arising out of a united Hindu society – though instinctive but instantaneous – energizing Hindutva workers?

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