Urgency For For Manning a Public in need of awareness

The steady increase in the Chinese Corona Virus positive cases in metros of Tamil Nadu particularly Chennai is a cause of concern. The primary reason for this spread in Chennai is lack of adherence to physical distancing norms by common public. This lack of adherence emanates from two aspects – (a) ignorance (b) wilful default. As we go out to buy essential items, we can see people without wearing masks crowding in the shops, throwing the physical distancing norms to air. There are some outlets, who enforce this with their customers, but there are many who don’t. This calls for more intensive awareness campaign and education among the masses on the perils of not maintaining physical distancing norms.

On the other hand, there are wilful defaulters, who not only refuse to co-operate with the health workers and police, but forcefully break the safety protocol. The incident reported yesterday at Washermanpet, North Chennai is a clear indication of wilful default and flouting of norms. This stupidity is not only endangering their own life but also endanger the lives of others (including health workers and policemen on duty) and the society at large. This calls for enforcement of government guidelines and strict action against wilful defaulters. The government machinery needs more manpower for running awareness campaigns as well as to strictly enforce government guidelines. The recent public call by DGP of Tamil Nadu to all former cops in Tamil Nadu below 50 years of age to report for services at the respective SP Office, forthwith. There is also a news report that the 8,000 trainees who are undergoing police training in the academy were asked to conclude their training and report for field duty immediately. Similarly, there is an announcement from the Health department, calling for applications for 4,000 posts in the State to work as Health Supervisors on a temporary basis of 3 to 6 months @ Rs 20,000 remuneration per month. All these indicate an acute paucity of personnel and the government agencies are really struggling to meet the growing demands. Will the common public understand this and behave themselves ? Whether it is ignorance or wilful default, both are not in the long term interest of the society as well as the immediate health improvement of citizens .

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