Transperancy is the victim

Another incident which shook the conscience yesterday was the issue with regard to the burial of Dr Simon Hercules, who was affected by Chinese Corona Virus and died yesterday.

While the truth behind this news is far from what meets the eye, the lesson to be learnt in this episode is the need to have transparency from the government with regard to the full details of the patient including his demographic particulars. It is learnt from the ground report that there was no clear information given by authorities when Dr Simon’s body was taken for burial to a CSI cemetery, when he was a Roman Catholic by faith. Was there an attempt to camouflage the identity of the deceased, which lead to the chaos in his last rites?

Till now, there are reported incidents of 3 deaths of Doctors in Tamil Nadu due to Virus attack – 2 in Chennai and 1 in Tiruppur.

Absolute transparency in these matters would prevent unnecessary chaos and unpleasant incidents during the final rites of Corona Warriors.

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