Leftist liberals silence on Sant Lynching

Mahant Kalpavriksha Giri Maharaj (70) of Triyambakeshwar Dakshinamukhi Hanuman Temple, his companion Mahant Sushil Giri Maharaj (35) and his driver Nilesh Telgade (30) were killed in a heinous murder. On April 16, 2020, they were brutally killed in Gadchinchale village in Palghar district of Maharashtra. Both saints belonged to Shri Panchdashanam Akhara, Varanasi. Those human Demons, who were involved in this heinous crime in the night, were arrested on 17 April 2020. Videos of the incident went viral on social media on April 19 and after that we came to know about the scene of this ghastly crime. Any sensitive person will be shaken by watching those videos. But, surprisingly, the so-called liberals, leftists, Islamic and JNU gang who usually created a ruckus on roads with candle-posters, were not seen anywhere. Just think if this incident had happened with a particular community or with someone from the same gang, then how much uproar would happen today. Above that, if there was a BJP government in Maharashtra, they would have been in the sea of tears. But, the victims of this hawkishness were sadhus wearing saffron. Then why should their conscience be awakened?

It is equally important and necessary to pay attention to some important facts related to those who hate and condemn this incident. These are some of the areas in Palghar district of Maharashtra where people of Konkana, Warli and Thakur tribes are settled. Christian missionaries and leftists have maintained their sphere of influence for many years in these remote villages, deprived of modern development. It is to be known that in the recent few years in the leftist and missionary affected tribal areas, there is a demand for separate religious code by the converted people of the tribe community. They were repeatedly provoked by saying that their identity is different from Hindus. Due to the partisan politics of British rulers in India, a separate religious code named Sarna was made in the census for tribes during 1871-1951. In 1951, after independence, it was removed from the census. However, the left-wing Christian conspirators have made tireless efforts to create a sense of alienation among tribes such as tribals or indigenous people. As a result of this, some converted people in the tribes started to see Hinduism in a hatred. As a result of this, for several years, this hatred has also been generated among some individuals of the tribal community of Palghar district. Keeping in mind the concern of such outcome, the report of the Niyogi Committee on Christian Missionary Activities (1956) recommended the legal prohibition of conversion. However, due to some unfortunate reasons it was not implemented.

Many activities that breaks the nation and society are going on in our country. But is there really a disjunction between the tribe and the civil society in India? Identification of Indian Civilization In our Vedas, Puranas, Ramayana, Mahabharata etc., the description of harmony and unison among the forest dwellers and civil society is described. Acharya Vinoba Bhave considered the Rigveda to be the book of tribes. Mahadev-Lord Shiva is worshiped in many tribes like Bhil, Gond, Madiya, Pradhan of India. Just like Hindus, people of the tribe community are also worshipers of nature. There is no evidence of genocide like the North and South America, Australia, New Zealand etc. countries of the world. The concocted principles like Arya attack have also been exposed. Then why there is enmity? Who is doing conspiracy? We have to discuss it.

Wherever saints of India and social organizations protested against such kind of nation and society, they faced serious consequences. Swami Lakshmanananda Saraswati was killed by the Naxalite gang with the same Christian missionary and people of extremist communist mindset, on 23 August 2008, the holy day of Janmashtami. What was his fault? In Kandhamal district of Odisha, he had opposed the conversion of the people by luring the tribes, worked in them to create indigenous and self-righteousness. For this reason, he had to sacrifice his life. In the same way, Swami Aseemanand ji was cheated. He worked for the development of social and religious consciousness of tribes in Dang district of Gujarat. Inspired by his work and ideas, many tribe brothers preferred to return to Hinduism. As a result of this, many charges were made against him by conspiring against him and he had to suffer many tortures. Similarly, there was ruckus on Suryacharya Krishnadevanand Giri Maharaj of Sanatan Raksha Dal in Satara district of Maharashtra.

If we go back little to the history of some incidents in Palghar district of Maharashtra, it comes to our sight that this conspiracy is taking a horrific form. It is necessary to mention two events prominently here. In 1965, 'Hindu Seva Sangh' was established in Theranda village of today's Palghar district under the leadership of the late Thanu Damu Anna Tokakar Ji, a Sangh pracharak of the then Thane, Mumbai, Raigad Division. Work started with the aim of removing social, educational and economic backwardness in the tribal society. Due to the social and sensitive nature of Damu Anna, people of the tribal society started connecting with him. Seeing their situation slipping out of their hands, leftists and missionary goons planned to assassinate him. One night in the year 1980, he was attacked. Luckily Damu Anna stayed somewhere else. These goons severely injured Vamanrao Sahasrabuddhe and his religious wife, Seva Sangh worker. The second incident of frustration of these leftists and Christians is when they attacked the 'Vishwa Hindu Parishad Vanvasi Kalyan Kendra', Talasri, with the intention of killing Madhavrao Kaneji. In 1967, at the behest of Damu Anna, Madhavrao Ji started the center in Talasari taluka of Palghar district, situated on the borders of Maharashtra and Gujarat. Through this center, education, rural development, environmental protection, tree planting, etc. programs are run. In the afternoon of 14 August 1991, an army of 700–800 goons attacked the center with the intention of killing them. Madhavraoji was away at that time with work of Kalyan ashram, he survived the murderous attack. But Mahadev Joshi ji and his wife Vasudha Joshi, located in the center, were seriously injured. The injuries were so deep that both survived by divine grace.

The brutal and heinous killing of two sadhus and their driver on 16 April 2020 reflects this cruel mentality. Kalpavriksha Giri Maharaj and Sushil Giri Maharaj along with driver Nilesh Telgade were going to Silvassa in Gujarat to attend the funeral of their Gurubandhu. Wandered the way and started going to the village of Gadchinchale under the Kasa police post. On the way, a violent mob of villagers stopped them and started beating them. The guard present at the nearby forest post gave him shelter in his outpost and called the police. The difference from the village of Garhichinchale to Kasa police post is 40 km. At least it will take half an hour to reach the police and till then why did not the violent mob kill them? The video clearly shows that the old saint was walking with holding the hand of the Police and the police hand them over to the crowd. Is this not a well planned conspiracy? Was there anybody encouraging to kill the sadhus adorning saffron clothes? Why did the police not try to evade the mob by firing in the air or firing at the feet to save those holy souls? Why were the dead bodies of the sadhus taken so humiliated while being carried for autopsy? Many such questions arise on seeing that heartbreaking incident.

Therefore, this incident should be investigated by a high-level inquiry committee before the sentiments of the Hindu community explode. The earliest and toughest action should be taken on the Monsters involved in this incident.

The author is an assistant professor at Shyam Lal College, University of Delhi.

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