Jyotika tastes bitter Masala : KARMA

Want free publicity for your film? want short cut to fame? free adds for your new film release?.Abuse or defame any Hindu temple and go unscathed has been the trend all these days. But not anymore. Kollywood actress Jyothika was in the news for wrong reasons.In an awards function, she compared the way Tanjore Brhadeeswara Temple was maintained to that of hospitals & Schools in the district. While devotees pour funds for temple upkeep and maintenance, hospitals are ignored was her woe. This didn't go well in the social media and twitterati . Sharp posts were circulated condemning her mischievous comparison. That condemnations usually stop here. But in this case it went further.Her recent film Ponmagal Vandhaal was released in Amazon Prime and other web streaming platforms instead of the regular film distribution channels. The annoyed Producers Council issued a "RED card" stating she violated the codes of Council by releasing it in online platform first. Adding insult to the injury,the council further denied theatres for her husband Surya's new film "Soorarai Potru". Also, the famed Shakti Masala Company cancelled her endorsement for the year 2020-21, say unverified sources. Hitherto, such abuse will have only a outrage in social media and die a natural death. But now, Hindus have learnt to hit their abusers hard where it hurts most. Karma is here

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