Godliness Still Prevails In A Hamlet Of A Forest In Hosur

Kuthikadu is a small village in a forest area which is 35 Kms from Hosur, the border area of Tamilnadu & Karnataka. For reaching the village, one has to walk a minimum of 13 Kms., as there is no bus facility for this stretch of 13 kms. A girl by name Archana attended the training camp of Seva Bharathi. She has been running a Samskara Kendra educating the villagers about the greatness of Hinduism and training them how to do various Poojas. 

Since the people of this village were badly affected by the lockdown due to Covid-19, she contacted the Seva Bharathi Karyakarthas and informed about the state of affairs of the village and sough help to mitigate the hardships of the villagers. The women of Niveditha Orphanage rushed to the village and distributed kits containing various provisions for running a family for ten days or so. The villagers were moved by the timely gesture of Seva Bharathi. Before leaving the village, the women of Niveditha Orphanage went to the house of Archana. The mother of Niveditha asked them to take Ragi for the use of children of the Orphanage. Though the women tried to resist it the mother of Archana forced them to take a bag of Ragi (which contained 55 Kilos) and forcibly put it in the vehicle in which the women came. Actually, Archana’s family are themselves living in poverty as can be seen from the house in which they are living. Still the mother of Archana has a big heart and wanted to give back something in return. Indeed godliness still prevails in this thatched house of Archana.

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