Enough Of Remaining As Mere Onlookers

There is a need for more hands to work with Corporation officials to prevent Corona spread. The authorities have started collecting addresses of those interested. In addition, it is reported that about four thousand people are needed for a three-month temporary work to oversee health care. There are reports that facilities are being set up to isolate victims in many places.
All this make it clear to us that the war against the Corona virus from China has escalated. Globally, it took 4 months to hit one million people at the outset, but infected 20 million people in just 14 days. This poses a risk of spreading.

Tamil Nadu ranks sixth among India's most worrying states. As many as 1,683 persons have been affected so far. In this scenario, to control the spread, medical care, isolation of patients, and identification of sites where the infection originated will require manpower many times over. There are not as many personnel with the government today. There are lakhs of ex servicemen in the country. They have experience in disaster assistance training. The government should immediately engage them in this task.

The fact that the Government of Tamil Nadu has ordered all eight thousand constables selected and under training to join duty forthwith underscores the need for personnel.

The public, youth and volunteers must come forward to work together with the government to protect their respective area. There will be None from outside will be there to perform duties such as inspection, distribution of essential relief to every household, and enhancing immunity in people the area by adopting Ayurvedic methods as per Ayush advisory. Service-minded persons must step out of their homes in order to protect our area and our children. The time has come for us to serve people by following safety norms and under the proper supervision of the authorities.

Even while there is a talk of slackening the curfew, the authorities are aware that there is a need for more hands to maintain order in the locality without the lockdown regimen. That is the good news.

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