A Village which still maintains the tradition of Honesty

We often hear through media that in many places chaos prevail wherever there is distribution of relief materials or there is a tendency to grab relief materials more than once during COVID-19 relief operations. Here is a completely different story in Kulathamedu village near Pazhaverkadu in Tirulvallur District. 

In this village 170 families belonging to the Irular community are carrying out their living amidst all struggles. Smt. Durga Devi, who is taking tuition classes in this village, contacted the Vanavasi Seva Kendra (Vanavasi Kalyan Ashram) Karyakarthas and sought their help to extend relief to the villagers. When the Karyakarthas enquired how many families are living in the village, she informed that totally 170 families are living. The Karyakarthas informed that they will bring 170 kits containing provision materials the next day. The instant reaction from Durga Devi was that though there are 170 families in the village, out of them only 115 families are in need of help and the rest of them families can manage themselves. 

The next day the Vanavasi Seva Kendra Karyakarthas went with 115 kits and met Smt.Durga Devi who escorted them to each and every 115 houses who were in need of help and the distribution of kits was carried out smoothly. On seeing this, the people belonging to the rest of the houses did not protest or obstructed the distribution and also didn’t come forward to claim the relief materials. For the Karyakarthas who went for distributing kits it was a revelation that here is a village which still mains the tradition of honesty.

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