SASS appeal on Corona Virus Scare (COVID-19)

PRESS NOTE dated 10th March 2020 

In the wake of coronavirus scare (COVID -19), to prevent further spread of the same, National General Secretary of SASS, Sri. N. Rajan has requested devotees/ayyappas to avoid visiting the Sabarimala Temple, when it will be opened for monthly pooja from March 13 to 18 and for the Festival from March 28 to April 7. He said the rituals at the Ayyappa temple would go on as per the religious calendar and without any disruption. However, the temple will not be distributing its appam and aravana to the devotees as the counters will remain closed. 

Shri. Rajan clarified that Devotees/ Ayyappas, who have worn/put the sacred garland (Mala / Mudra) in their neck and have undertaken Vrutha, can go to a local temple and take out the ‘Mala/Mudra’ from their neck and complete the Vrutha, for the time being, after chanting “Swamiye Saranamayyappa”/ saranaghosham 108 times. Once the COVID -19 issue is controlled and restrictions removed, they can visit Sabarimala for darsan. 

Kerala Chief Minister has said the government was constrained to impose limits on public gatherings till March 31 to prevent further spread of coronavirus. Chief Minister & Travancore Devaswom Board President have appealed to devotees to avoid visiting the Sabarimala Temple, during the above period. Further, all the temple authorities are requested to cancel festivals that involve public gatherings. 


Swami Saranam, 

N. Rajan 

(National General Secretary.)

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