Ektha, Maithri, Sadbhavana – To be preserved and strengthened Poojya Swami Sankara Vijenda Saraswati in a Bhag Sanghik in Chennai

Gracing the Ambattur Bhag Sanghik held on Sunday, the 2nd February 2020 and witnessing the impressive demonstration by the Swayamsevaks, Poojya Swami Sankara Vijayendra Saraswati whole-heartedly praised the work being carried out by RSS. He made some key observations on Sangh and the happenings in the country. 

  • Ektha, Maithri, Sadbhavana – these are the pillars of Bharat and the nation has been progressing in spite of the various forces bent on destabilizing these three pillars by creating confusion amongst the people. Though the rate of growth may be slow, development cannot be restricted. Everyone should preserve these pillars and strengthen it. 
  • Though our country has different languages, with slight changes in traditions we all have same culture and which is binding our country. Since these were not highlighted to people, false propaganda was promoted thereby creating confusion everywhere. Hence there is need to spread the good and positive work being carried out. Prachar work needs to be given importance along with the good work being carried out. 
  • Some of the initiatives being carried out in Tamilnadu like distribution of cycles, laptops, mid-day meals etc., to students are laudable. Along with these, good and moral teachings also should reach the students. Sangh and Vidya Bharathi is filling this gap and many more have to join to reach out to all students. We need to feel proud, spend time and keep working with confident. 
  • We as a nation should definitely progress, but on what basis needs clarity. It should not be on the basis of money or power but it should be driven by dharma. 
  • We need to protect all people and all sectors of jobs. We all need to learn Bhagavat Gita, know Rama Nama and like Sangh we need to pray both Desam and Dharmam. 
  • Awareness on protecting the environment needs to be spread by highlighting the uniqueness of Hinduism which preaches the need for protecting the Pancha Bhootas. Nature is part of our worship and we need to preserve our tradition and share it for next generation. We should share our resources with humans and other living things; this is what is taught in Thirukural, Bhavagatham, Ramayana, Aacharakovai which will lead to fulfilment of the heart. 
  • Sadhbhavana work needs to be given importance in Tamilnadu though it takes time to spread. 
  • True history of our country should be taught to our students so that pride arises in them leading them to work for the development of the nation. The Swayamsevaks are able to strive for the country because of imparting right history to the them. 
  • Seva should reach out to all and RSS through Vidya Bharathi has started many schools in remotest areas in North East. Similarly, Sankar Mutt has also started Patashala, built temples, eye hospital and various other projects in North East, Andaman etc. 
  • Sangh is a place where Swayamsevaks have joined voluntarily and they have extended their support in all the aspects either during Natural disaster or during normal times; worked honestly with dedication for benefit of all. 
  • Though RSS is carrying out various works, the Swayamsevaks should be keep in mind that conducting daily shakha is the most important work. 

Earlier, Sri A.RamakrishnaPrasad, Saha-Pranta karyavah, Uttar Tamilnadu appealed to all to emulate nature which primarily does two things viz., growing and being useful. The Sanghik was attended by more than 600 comprising of Swayamsevaks, elders and women. 

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