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When Ramalinga ‘Vallalar’ Tried To Nip Conversion In The Bud

During the 19th century, the British rulers of India were actively endorsing the activities of Christian missionaries and enacting laws to empower them and favour proselytisation. In 1844, a law was introduced amending Hindu law to make it possible for Christian converts to inherit property from their Hindu ancestors. At about the same time, Christian theology was introduced as a compulsory subject in the curriculum of the University of Madras. Gazulu Lakshminarasu Chetty, a popular indigo merchant launched a campaign against these measures and presided over a protest meeting in Madras city in 1846. The protestors even petitioned lawmakers and social and political activists in United Kingdom and enlisted their support. The laws were eventually withdrawn. All this happened during the life time of Sri Ramalinga Swamigal known as Vallalar (1823-1874). Vallalar played his part on the socio-religious front to thwart conversion of thepoverty stricken Tamils. He appealed to several mutt heads to feed the poor so that conversion of Hindus could be forestalled.A favourable response not forthcoming, Vallalar himself set up in 1867 the ‘Satya Dharma Saalai’ in Vadalur near Villupuram and began feeding poor. That continues till date. Contrary to Vallalar’s popular image as an icon of advaita bereft of religion, he stated that Hinduism alone leads one to the ultimate bliss in India. To drive home the superiority of indigenous civilisation, Vallalar established a school in Chidambaram where kids were taught Tamil and Samskritam in addition to English.

VSK Chennai Honoured For Honest Reporting
Representatives of Kallar Community presented a memento of their traditional weapon "Valari" to VSK,Tamilnadu. A honest write up about their community in an article on the 10th edition of Hindu Services and Spiritual Fair 2019 had impressed them amidst the commercialized media atmosphere. Receiving this honor on February 1, 2020 at the Kallar stall in the 11 th edition of HSSF, is the writer,Shrimati.Lakshmi Rangarajan, of the article.
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Pay The Dues, Bury The Dead….Says Churchianity

Saamiyaathaal, 85, a devout convert Christian of Dharapuram in Tirupur district, whose death brought forth to public view the rotten state of affairs inside the church. Her relatives decided to have her buried in the cemetery attached to the church. She was denied her legitimate decent burial, on the grounds that, as quoted by the Church Cemetery Ground Management people that she had not paid the dues to the church towards her share of contribution, effective from 2012. The matter was taken up with the Tahsildar at the local taluk office. Talks failed eventually, as the church people were very firm that the dead person’s body shall not be buried owing to her non-contributions to the church. Then the relatives took her body to her native place, near Kaangeyam and performed the last rites there. Conversions are done alluring the poor saying that Hindu Gods are not Saviours but only Christ and Christianity are the Ultimate saviours. If so, for non-payment of the church dues, an old Christian lady was denied her legitimate right to get buried in church cemetery. Time and again the Christian Missionaries have proved that, all that matters is money and nothing else.

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