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Amitabh Starrer Biopic In Tamil And Hindi On A Lifelong Donor

Meet octogenarian Kalyanasundaram; he is a retired librarian of a college at Srivaikundam in Thoothukudi district of Tamilnadu. All through his life, he has donated his entire earnings for the welfare of children. To maintain himself, he did odd jobs like a waiter in restaurants and thus he has been covered by all the media over decades. Last week, he was in the news again: filmmaker Taran Adarsh proposed to make a biopic on Kalyanasundaram; reports say that Amitabh Bachchan will be doing the elder Kalyanasundaram role and Amitabh's son will be doing the role of younger Kalyanasundaram. The tireless Donor was a guest at Tamil actor Rajinikanth’s household for some time; that part of the life of Kalyanasundaram also will be covered in the proposed biopic, according to reports.

Mushrooming Shaheen Baghs Across The State

Several parts of Tamilnadu witness anti CAA sit ins, a la Shaheen Bagh, by Muslims causing traffic bottlenecks and inconvenience to the citizens. In North Chennai, Washermenpet has been suffering for over a week now because of adamant sit in by Muslims including women folk. To add to the woes of the citizens of North Chennai, another sit in at Puliyanthope, a Muslim dominated locality, began recently. It was reported that unable to bear the nuisance caused by such sit ins, a resident tried to self immolate near the Puliyanthope sit in venue but was prevented by the police in time.

Another Onion Politics In Chennai Nipped In The Bud

The well-known voluntary organisation Akshaya Patra, a unit of ISKCON, has come forward to provide breakfast to school children studying in the Chennai Corporation schools The purpose is to avoid children losing concentration in the classroom owing to lack of proper nutritious breakfast. Because of the Vaishnavite background of Akshaya Patra, neither garlic nor onion will form part of the breakfast that it serves. Casteist and separatist elements tried to spread the canard that search breakfast will harm the vitality of children over a period. The state government was quick scotch the rumour and the State Governor Banwari Lal Purohit sanctioned Rs. 5 crore for the breakfast project.

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