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Yet Another Anti Child Christian Obstinacy Unfolds

Two Government aided Christian Schools in Srivilliputtur, Virudhunagar District , Tamil Nadu, forced its students to participate in ANTI-CAA protests led by CPI (M). The complaint was made for the showcase of students to express their political motives and the anti-national interests shown by the Minority institutions. This has been strongly condemned by the Hindu Organisations. The National Commission For Protection of Child Rights, (NCPCR) was informed of this and they are at it. Just two months back, an acid spill on students studying in Good Shepherd High School, Idaiyerkadu, Tuticorin District, Tamil Nadu was takn to NCPCR. On January 21 the NCPCR has asked the District Collector, Tuticorin to intervene into the matter, asking him to further send requisite information to the Commission within 20 days. Even as this was being taken up, the Virudhunagar incident has taken place. “Years ago, when the state government sought to rename the Cathedral Road after a formal central mnister’s name (T.T.Krishnamachari), Christians openly spoke of closing down all their educational institutions in the state. They never cared for the education of children. For them, upholding Church hegemony was supreme”, recalled an old timer.

For Once, Sword Proved To Be Mightier Than Pen In Chennai!

A Hindu shop owner was heckled and threatened by Muslims in Ritchie Street, the electronics Bazaar of Chennai. On Jan 27 2020, around 200 Muslims gathered outside his Arbuda Mobiles Shop pelting stones at the shop condemning the owner for selling saffron coloured pens with "WE support CAA and NRC" print. The petrified shop owner locked himself inside the shop until all other Hindu shop-owners came to his rescue. Hindus joined together and filed a case against the Muslims in Chintadripet Police station. 8 Muslims were identified and arrested by the police. An eye for an eye has not been the approach of Hindus. This time too, they took to the legal route. But not the Muslims. Around 2000 Muslims gathered outside Chintadripet Police station chanting "Allah o Akbar"; they demanded the release of the 8 accused Muslims; the police, fearing a law and order problem, released all of them. It is a shame that the authorities and government always kneel down to this mob culture. thuggery justice has become the order of the day. Retrospectively, ‘instill fear in the Hindu mind and conquer’ has been the strategy of Muslims ever since their invasion of Bharat. Not alone, religion, be it any issue, this has been their approach.

Kumbum Jihadi Attack A Damp squib?

A Member of Parliament belonging to NDA votes in the parliament supporting CAA and he is attacked in his constituency by Jihadi elements. The MP in question is Ravindranath Kumar of AIADMK representing Theni constituency. He was on a tour last week explaining the provisions of CAA to the public.A few workers of BJP accompanied him. A gang accosted the convoy.The MP 's car windscreen was shattered in stone throwing by a Jihadi gang at Kumbum town. Some arrests were made. But Ravindranath Kumar remained unfazed. He conducted the program the next day in that very place. Does this not indicate people are no more terrified by terrorist attempts to hoodwink society? All the same, sporadic attacks on pro CAA and Hindu activists that took place last week in many areas of the state cannot be overlooked.

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