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How Every School Drop-Out Ought To Be Indebted To Rajaji 

During his tenure as the Chief Minister of Tamilnadu state, Rajaji, as C. Rajagopalachari was known, rolled out in 1953 a school education scheme wherein elementary school students should attend school in the forenoon; in the afternoon they should learn their family skills. The purpose: genext is assured of jobs once out of school. This was later shelved after a hue and cry from short sighted critics. History has come a full circle hence. The draft National Education Policy 2019, and the present Government in Tamilnadu both support skill based education. The Centre is pitching in with a whopping grant of over Rs. 34 crores till 2018, through its “PRADHAN MANTHRI KAUSHAL VIKAS YOJNA” in tandem with TAMIL NADU SKILL DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION. It is for the training and development of youngsters to be made employable at industrial houses. Education being made compulsory and free from age 6 to 14, the emphasis is now on SKILL BASED EDUCATION TOO. Interestingly, this would take care of school drop outs gainfully, thus lending a helping hand to indigent families. This obviously germinates from Rajaji’s foresightful but aborted school scheme.

The Lankan Tamil Narrative 
That Boomeranged On Tamilnadu Separatists

The separatist ideologues who double as prompters to DMK leader Stalin at his public performances like making a statement or meeting the press, had assumed that the following Decmber 15 Stalin statement is a stick strong enough to beat CAA with: “Do the BJP government [at the Centre] and the AIADMK regime [in the State] see the Sri Lankan Tamils as Hindus at all? Though they are Tamils, they follow Hinduism. Wouldn’t their exclusion amount to rejecting Hindu Tamils?” They miserably failed to hit their target. Also, they got hit by the same stick right on their head. The wielders were nationalists, who want to know why this Hinduness of the Lankan Tamils was pushed under the carpet all these years by these self styled saviours of Tamil interests. The sure answer is pseudo secularism, now cast aside on the wayside. It is the biggest irony of 2019 that these atheist elements have the temerity to advise the Hindu nationalists on how to protect the Hindu interests particularly that of the Lankan Tamils (now renamed Hindus!). Their separatist mindset refuses to see the big picture behind the geopolitical move by the BJP government in the Indian Ocean region. So they go ahead to hold the Hindu card, betraying all that they have professed -- a bad strategy that actually has backfired. Their anti CAA posturing has led to the Hindutva narrative in Tamilnadu having the last laugh! 

How Sad! Greed Takes A Toll Of Swadeshi Breeds

Over a lakh indigenous cattle disappear in Tamilnadu every year, reveals the 20th livestock census. But during 2012-2018, exotic cattle population saw an increase of 13.21 lakh. Cattle farmers and milk producers argue that crossbreed cow can deliver a calf within 285 days after pregnancy. During that time, till the day before the delivery date, the cow yields 14 to 16 litres of milk a day. But, the native cow produces six to eight litres a day with much less lactation time. Also, farmers resorting to artificial insemination methods even to healthy cows are also seen as a denial to satiate the voiceless creatures’ natural desires. Even when availability of desi semen is announced, more and more farmers are willing to take the Red Sindhi breed semen, which is known for its high milk production. It is high time government steps in and takes a census of breedwise count of cattle and save native cows for healthy future. The statistics available for desi cows decline is alarming, say animal activists. It is worrying to note that in 2007 - 2018, native cow breed population shrunk by 20 lakh. Cattle breeding in India is more domestic unlike an industry in the West. Cows and bullocks are regarded as family members in India rather than a business commodity like in the West. 

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