Hindu Munnani calls on West Bengal Government to punish the killers of RSS worker in Murshidabad

Press statement

Those responsible for the brutal killing in West Bengal must be punished.

In West Bengal Murshidabad, the brutal murder of Shri. Bandhu Mandal ,R.S.S. swayamsevak & school teacher, along with his pregnant wife and his infant kid is horrifying. Those who had committed this heinous act must be found and punished immediately. 

Law and order comes under the state government, and the state governments must take drastic measures to punish those who commit acts of cruelty in the name of religion. The perpetrators are not afraid of dragging and diluting the case for political self-sufficiency. Islamist's instigate brainwashing. Terrible events like these are planned and executed.

Such crimes can only be prevented when the perpetrators, the helpers of the perpetrators, and the perpetrators of hiding and providing material assistance are punished.

It is a painful fact that despite the steps taken to curb Islamic terrorism, the indiscriminate individual killing of innocent individuals by religious terrorists is due to the weakness of our judiciary.

In our Tamil Nadu at Tanjore, Shri.Ramalingam was murdered by Islamic terrorists. The case has been going on at enquiry level only for the past one year. For such offenders, the fear goes off. Moreover, Islamic terrorists are being provided with luxury facilities in jail. They are an example of the extent to which criminals are able to act boldly when intimidating and attacking police officers.

Considering that such brutal attacks are continuing in every state, the Central government should pay special attention to severely prosecuting the culprits. We urge the Center to take steps to eradicate religious terrorism by guiding the State Police.

The Hindu Munnani calls on the West Bengal state government to take steps to detect and punish the culprits immediately.

In the national and divine mission

(Rama Gopalan)

Founder organizer

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  1. We Hindus will never learn a lesson! Is there any hope that Mamta Begum will let her Police investigate freely? Already there are stories being circulated that the murders were the result of a family feud! The gory nature of the murders indicate that hate-mongering Islamists were involved The Union Home Ministry must let the NIA investigate the case, so that Islamist sleeper cells can be unearthed in the process! We are losing precious time by delaying the decision!