Pandit Deendayal Upadhyay – A Visionary

Self-Confidence, industrious, determination, alegience, sacrifice, social work and national integration – these words increase respect of already par-excellant people. At the same time, when these words are connected with the life of Pandit Deen Dayal’s life, the importance of these words increase manifold. Pantit Deen Dayal was born on September 25th 1916, in the house of a Station Master Shri Chunni Lal Shukla, his paternal grand father, who was stationed at Dhankiya Railway Station – which is located on Ajmer-Jaipur railway line. His father’s name was Shri Bhagwati Prasad and mother was Smt. Ram Pyari Devi. His paternal native is in Mathura district, called “Nagla Chandrabhaan”. His ancester Shri Hariram Shastri, was a very renowned and respected astrologer. After his demise, a labyrinth of deaths of male members, began in his family, that only his father survived. Two years after Deen Dayal was born, his younger brother Shiv Dayal was born. Six months after which his father passed away. After that, their mother returned to her mother’s house with both of them. When Deen Dayal ji was mere 9 years old, his mother too passed away due to her illness with tubercolosis. His maternal grand father was shattered with this and he left his job and went back to his native near Agra, “Gud ki Madhai”. When he was only 9 years old, his maternal grand father passed away in September 1925. After this, their maternal uncle Shri Radha Raman Shukla took the responsibility to bring up both brothers. At the age of 15 years, when Deen Dayalji was in Grade 7, his maternal uncle too left for his heavenly abode. After this his Uncle’s paternal cousin, who was a station master in Rajasthan’s Alwar, took the responsibility for his education. On November 18th, 1934, his younger brother Shivdayal also left this materialistic world. In spite of these rigourous and trying times, Deen Dayal ji passed his high school and intermediate school in not only in First Class grade but also topped. And he recieved a medal, Rs 10/- per month scholarship and Rs 250/- as prize money, from the Maharaja of Seekar and Ghanshyam Das Birla respectively. In 1937, Deen Dayal ji went to Kanpur gor his B.A study. During his studies, he met dignitories like Baba Saheb Apte, Dadarao Parmarth and Veer Savarkar. On one hand the continual demise of his family members and relatives had turned him into a quiet person, on the other hand meeting these revolutionaries instilled in his the awareness about social upliftment, the need to gain national independence, service and the need to create awareness amongst masses and resurrect our national respect through moral upliftment. While his stay in Kanpur, he started Zero Club in which he used to spend his time in teaching weak students. In 1939, he passed B.A. in first class and went to St. John College, Agra for his M.A. After qualifying his first year, his maternal sister seriously fell ill and came to Agra for treatment. He dropped his final year exams to take care of his sister. He tried his utmost, but fate once again snatched his sister away from this world. Due to dropping his exams, the scholarships that he was getting stopped and once again, he came under serious financial harships. His maternal uncle advised him to appear in administrative exams, which not only did he attempt but also qualified at the top. But he decided not to get into job and went to Prayag for studying B.T. In 1942, he topped this exam too. During this time, his maternal uncle wrote to him, asking him to return home. He wished that Deen Dayalji, kike other youths, must settle down, take up a job and get married. But in July 1942, Deen Dayal wrote a polite letter and shared his views about his social and natioanal responsibilies. His senstivities and realisation towards his country became a historic illustration for future. After getting the top most certificates in all his exams, Deen Dayal ji burnt all his certificate and documents so that in future there must not be any pressure to lead a family life and he dedicated his life to his country forever. For his social and national work, he chose Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sangh. Full of dedication, diligence and contemplation – Deen Dayal ji always stood up to make India a self-respecting nation. For this, he used his skills and became the editor of newspapers and dailies like Rashtradharma, Paanchjanya and Organiser. When Shyama Prasad Mukherjee resigned from Congress Cabinet for national interest and started Bhartiya Jansangh, he appointed Deen Dayalji as National General Secretary. in 1967, he became the head of Jan Sangh. His powerful oratory skills, writings, organising skills made him come up as a strong political voice for national values. A star, Pandit Deen Dayal, who dedicated his life for upliftment of poor, to strengthen the country’s unity and integrity throughout his life, passed away under suspicous circumstances in February 1968, at Mugalsaray Railway Station.

Deen Dayal ji’s life was full of unimaginable and untolerable sorrows, obstacles and challenges. Still he was full of determinatin about bringing up this nation and its society to richer heights. Everyone sacrifices something or the other in his or her life but the sacrifices that Deen Dayal ji has made are innumerable. He lost his father at a mere age of 3, mother at 6 years. His maternal uncle and aunt took him under their protection but he lost them as well. He lost his friends, paternal and maternal shelters too. Due to circumstances, Deen Dayal ji lost something or the other throughout his life. He himself sacrificed many things on his own viz. his M.A. studies, his admistrative job even though he was selected, his resignation from his ministrial postition due to Nehru’s myopic decision making etc are main of what he lost in his lifetime. He continuosly sacrificed with his strength whereas today’s generation start to break if anything is lost. His life is a legendary, fiery model of how one can continue to be of service to nation even after losing everything in life.

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