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Chennai Student Gang Leaders Learn A Lesson
This is something new. As many as 90 students of various colleges in Chennai city were marked out by the police. They are now under the Law and Order radar whenever turf war like situation is created on city roads by groups of students wielding swords attack rival groups. The city bus commuters were in the grip of panic for over a week, as the gangs celebrated “bus day” by roof top travel and menacing behaviour during the peak hour, terrorising the public. The police extracted written assurances from the blacklisted students that they would not indulgence in rowdyism again. Officials warned them that they will be liable to be thrown behind bars under Goonda’s Act if they failed to behave. In recent months, Thuthukudi - like agitations protesting development projects instigated by Urban Naxal elements in the state are sternly put down without dithering. The way student trouble makers were made to behave seems to be the latest in the series.

Tamils Do Not Lag Behind When Nation beckons!

Patriotism of the Tamils was evident during Chandrayan 2 preparations. Scientist Mayilsami Annadurai, who, as U.R. Rao Satellite Centre (URSC) Director, oversaw activities related to the Chandrayaan-2 spacecraft until he retired in August 2018, has this to say: Newly designed cars are tested for road-worthiness on terrain where they would be driven. But where on earth did the Chandrayaan-2 mission’s lander and rover, check out their legs and wheels? 'Chandrayaan-2’s lander and rover were tested on a simulated surface. The URSC did buy a small amount of simulated lunar soil from the U.S., but soon decided to find its own solution at a lower cost. It needed lunar ‘soil’ with almost all its features and texture, lunar temperatures, low gravity and the same amount of sunlight as on the moon. For recreating the terrain, an option was to import simulated lunar soil from the U.S. — at an exorbitant $150 a kg. The facility needed about 60-70 tonnes of soil. Geologists of various national agencies had found that a few sites near Salem in Tamil Nadu had the ‘anorthosite’ rock that somewhat matches lunar soil in composition and features. The URSC’s lunar soil simulation studies team zeroed in on Sithampoondi and Kunnamalai villages for the soil. Experts from the National Institute of Technology in Tiruchi, Periyar University in Salem, and the Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru, joined in, working without any fee. Professional crushers broke down the rocks and soil to the micro grain sizes sought by the ISRO-led team. Transporters moved the tonnes of this ‘lunar earth’, all free of charge! The team spread the soil trucked in from Salem up to a height of about 2 metres. (On the Moon, the metre-long rover, weighing 27 kg, must move for about 500 metres during its expected life of 14 Earth days).

Talaq Ban Rumblings In Poll Bound Vellore

Talaq has to be uttered in the presence of the jamaat people, at an interval of at least three months. But the Muslim men often say Talaq thrice at one go over whatsapp, cell phone, telephone, etc., to drive the wife away. That has led to wiping off the TRIPLE TALAQ from the Indian soil. Incidentally, Triple Talaq is a thing banned in as many a 22 Muslim countries. In Tamilnadu, the passing of the Bill caused palpable rumblings on expected lines. Ruling AIADMK, a staunch supporter of the Centre, took Rajya Sabha by surprise by walking out during the voice vote session, thus helping the Centre pass the Bill. With the Vellore Lok Sabha election campaign in full heat now, AIADMK party men squirmed. On the other hand, DMK had sided with the Muslims from the time of their veteran leaders, their modus operandi being vilification of Hindus. It failed to realise that there are Hindus among Vellore voters. Now, add to that the Muslim women voters, obvious beneficiaries of the Bill. All the same, DMK sought to make best use of the Triple Talaq ban just for their tirade against the Centre. The 50 plus percent Muslim population in the constituency did them in. It is even felt by the AIADMK cadres that the timing of the scrapping of Triple Talaq could even hamper their brighter chances of wooing the people of Vellore. In the social domain the ‘3 year RI for the Talaq offender’ is sure to act as a deterrent on Muslim men with their impulsive talaq inclination.

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