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Compare This Bharat And That India 

Melapalayam, Tiruvarur, Nagapattinam, Ramanathapuram and Chennai – are some of the places in Tamilnadu that terror suspects influenced by Al Qaeda and IS hail from. 14 of them were arrested by the National Investigation Agency (NIA). They were engaged in raising funds for the purpose of committing acts of terror. The NIA named Hassan Ali Yunus Maraikayar as prime accused. Some of the others are: Mohammed Sheik, Mohhamed Azharuddin, Thoufik Ahamed, Mohammed Aksar, Moideen Seeni Shahul Hameed, Mohammed Ibrahim, Meeran Kani and Mohammed Ibrahim. The arrests show once again how Bharat today comes down heavily upon terrorists even while they plot to commit acts of terror. Compare this with how the Congress government shoddily handled terror and rushed to form the NIA in 2008 AFTER the 9/11 Mumbai Jihadi blasts killed hundreds. Without any delay the powers of investigation for NIA was enhanced by a Bill that was passed by the Lok Sabha with 268 MPs voting for it and just 6 opposing it. 

As the Undercurrent Of Devotion Surged Forth... 

The Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments (HR&CE) Department of the Tamil Nadu government has allotted Rs 29 crore for the celebrations and arrangements to be made for pilgrims who visit Kanchipuram for a darsan of Athi Varadar (Vishnu). The daily pilgrim turnout was estimated by HR&CE as just above 50,000. But on an average one lakh devotees converge in the pilgrim town to have a glimpse of Varadar who is brought to the surface from the temple tank only once in 40 years. This year the darshan began on June 30. The Southern Railways run more trains for the convenience of pilgrims. But inside the town the huge influx of devotees poses challenges in terms of drinking water and queue management. NGOs including Seva Bharathi, Tamilnadu pitch in with their mite. With the pilgrim footfall increasing by the day, timing for darshan had to be increased. The undercurrent of devotion surging forth from all over Tamilnadu proved that the anti-god propaganda stands decimated. Over 10 lakh devotees have visited in the first 10 days. 

Know Thy Neighbours 

In a recent incident where a father who was living alone with his mentally challenged son in Chennai, with his wife passing away 10 years back, absolutely with no contact with the neighbours for help or an emergency, has woken up everyone to the fact, KNOW THY NEIGHBOURS, to stay in touch with them. Had this FATHER-SON duo been in touch with their neighbours the apathy of their situation could have been known to people and some help gotten, could have saved the two human lives. The father was so immobile that he couldn’t get up and cook and the son dies of starvation. Stench emanating from the dead son, made the neighbours call for police. They found the father alive and completely bed ridden and admitted him in a hospital who later died too. It is imperative that we should have a cordial, polite relationship with everyone, which happens by reciprocation, inviting neighbours for our family functions and attending theirs, exchanging of home-made special eats which would become casual visits, ready to help each other at the time of crisis and medical emergencies. With the raise in flat systems, it is all the more important that one gets to know the neighbours if not for anything else at least for Emergencies like this. 

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